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Becky GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Sue Kent
Leslye Rauth
Lorraine Constable (checked in briefly)
James Allain
Sandy Miller
  • The NutritionIntake resource has been put into the FHIR build for the September Connectathon. The resource can be reviewed here:
    • The text on the resource as of the meeting was copied from NutritionOrder; this will be modified based on today's meeting
  • Della and her vendor partner are interested in participating in the September Connectathon and will meet with Becky next week to discuss more; Dave Carlson will be invited to the meeting
  • The group reviewed the Scope and Usage, Boundaries and Relationships, and Notes section of the NutritionIntake resource to provide narratives for the new resource. This text can be modified/updated as the resource is tested and modified.
    • The modified narratives were sent to Jean to include in the build with the resource

Other items that came up for discussion while reviewing the resource and creating its narrative text

  • There is no reference to Allergies (AllergyIntolerance) in NutritionIntake, but should have been a reference. This can be investigated during testing or a future meeting to determine how to best include
  • Future use of this resource is for menu sharing as well; the name of the resource may need to be changed to reflect both intake and menu sharing
  • Vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements: nutrition would prefer that these be recorded under intake, however they may be a grey area with MedicationStatement. Becky will reach out to pharmacy folks to find out if they have accounted for it and their thoughts on where it would be reflected.
  • On the NutritionIntake resource, under consumedItem, the phrasing for amount should be changed to "Quantity of the specified food or volume of the feeding/formula" to reflect that this can be used to capture both
  • The 3rd paragraph in Scope and Usage (at the end) of NutritionOrder reads "nectar thick liquids", but should be changed to "thick liquids" per the dysphagia diet wording.

The call for August 16, 2019 is cancelled.

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