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Becky GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
James Allain
Sue Kent
Della RieleyDM&A
  • Due to Becky's technical difficulties (i.e. new computer several minutes prior to the call), the group did not review the spreadsheet
  • Discussed the need for nutrient information that is currently missing from the resource; in the future, this will be added to the nutritionProduct resource, but also needs to be at a higher level to provide a total of all the nutrients
  • The nutrient information (i.e. ingredientLabel) may need to be a separate resource because it might be used in two places 
  • Becky will add in the nutrient information in the spreadsheet before sending it to Jean who will be putting it in the build
  • In an email question, Yanyan asked "I have a follow-up question on NutritionIntake. Should we add “doNotPerformed” and “reason” to hold a scenario of not done with rational?  The scenario in my mind is that if a patient gets a nutrition order from doctor, but he refuses to take. In MedicationStatement resource, the status = ‘not-taken’ represents this situation."
    • The group discussed this and determined there should be an indicator to note if food was refused, enteral feeding was held, or other similar reason.
    • Becky will add an indicator and reason to the spreadsheet with the nutrient information changes.

The spreadsheet was modified after the call based on the discussion, but the attached is the revised spreadsheet for review. This is the detail that will be put into the build for the September Connectathon. The build freeze is August 11 for Connectathon content.


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