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Submitting WG: Orders & Observations

Justification and Objectives

Resources supporting catalogs of orderable services or products are still at a low maturity level, but have continued to be updated since the last Connectathon. Those resources include CatalogEntry, SpecimenDefinition, ActivityDefinition and ObservationDefinition. The purpose of this track of Connectathon 22 is to check the completeness of these resources at least for catalogs of laboratory services. 

This track will use the current build of FHIR.

Clinical input requested (if any)

None, so far.

Related tracks

LOINC to In Vitro Diagnostic (LIVD) track is also using the Catalog profile on the Composition resource.

Proposed Track Lead

François Macary,, registered on

Expected participants



Track Orientation

A webinar will be hosted on date at time to share further participation information about this track (TBD).

System Roles

Catalog server: A system hosting catalog resources and delivering access to these resources in CRUD mode.

The server is hosted by Phast:

Catalog client: A system able to read, create, update or delete entries and associated content in a catalog hosted by a server.

Role 1 Name


Describe the different scenarios participating systems can engage in during the conenctathon. Each scenario should provide sufficient description that participants can appropriately construct their software in advance to prepare to interoperate during the connectathon.

Scenario Step 1 Name



Success Criteria:

Bonus point:


Indicate any test scripts that will be used to help verify system behavior

Security and Privacy Considerations

No particular security disposition will be required for this track.

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