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2019-07-09 CBCP Meeting Agenda/Minutes - DRAFT (Copy)

VOTE: (motion) :  Suzanne / Kathleen

Abstain:  0/ Opposed:  0/  Approve: 9

Share with Protections (Response to HITAC) - Mike Davis

Meeting set-up TBD

"Share with Protections"

      • PSS - no update

Working on a deck for VA management to kick this off.  One of the VA managers has recently joined HITAC.  This may allow us to provide more information directly.  Draft deck is intended to provide background information to apply to the PSS


The answer we are providing is: (Mike will provide)

What are we going to do with it?  Mike's thought is to have CBCP and Security as principle stakehodlers–to review as a project, provide comments back and establish this as positions of the WGs - its not a spec or standards, we agree upon that this represents our view of the subject.  That's where Mike would like to get to.

We need to set this up as a sub-group meeting.  PSS? or how would like to handle?

  • If this is going to be used outside HL7, it needs to be a formal document.  Therefore we create a PSS and create an Informative document

HITAC Link: 

Use-case of registering a Privacy Consent that authorizes a proxy - DPyke, JMoehrke

Survey sent for meeting times by David Pyke (restart FHIR Consent meetings)

Every other Thursday at 2:00 bi-weekly; next meeting

Next FHIR meeting, this Thursday 07/18/2019; no update this week

 eLTSS Use Case - Craig (15-20 min)

Discussion:  Next steps for Connectathon track

Same use case as discussed before - working with Greg White; looking for folks to work with Altarum for the connectathon

  • LTCI? (acronym check) possible collaboration, Becky is working with LTCI for initial meeting (Doodle poll out)
  • call set for Thursday 11:00 with Craig/DaveP

eLTSS FHIR IG Project - Becky, Johnathan

Dave Pyke has updated the IG based on the ballot comments

Becky reviewed the IG last week; sent Dave feedback with issues/comments to address; 

From there publication; ballot reconciliation---spreadsheet final to be posted to the ballot desktop (gforge tracker) 

issue/solution has been agreed upon between CraigN and DaveP - one item to be cut out (doesn't belong); one piece in, working on next piece.

CBCP FHIR Consent CPs-DavidP

Waiting for next meeting - no update this week

 Provenance DAM - Mike Davis

Initial content submittal due 7/14; 

Basic Provenance call (Monday) Brett would like to add material on 'what happens after basic Provenane'  Mike sent a matrix on where to find information–contains provenance models, provenance chaining and 27 lifecycle events mapped to the provenance events with overlay of …

  • also provenance requirements; which could link to the provenance DAM 
  • concern is that we are working both ends; may cause issue
  • several sections to complete - 
    • lifecycle events are EHR centric; we may consider modifying


  • Consensus pool for September ballot is out, please sign up to review and vote
  • working on completing sections of the document

 DS4P FHIR IG - Kathleen Connor

Kathleen has asked the HL7 office when the PSS will be on placed on the agenda calendar

PSS Approved 6/4/2019: FHIR Data Segmentation for Privacy (DS4P) Implementation Guide PSS (by Steering Division)

 September 2019 WGM

Suzanne, Kathleen to collaborate on MON Q3/Q4 and other Security/CBCP joint sessions at a future date

  • ballot reconciliation time - DS4P
  • Sharing with protections

No additional agenda items added to 2019 September WGM at this time.

No additional agenda items for today's CBCP meeting
Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 0919 Arizona Time (Suzanne)Temporary Meeting Recording:

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Action items Suzanne Gonzales-Webb