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Becky GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Sue Kent
Amy Wootton
Lorraine Constable

Per Lorraine:

  • On August 11, 2019 the FHIR build is frozen for Connectathon
  • The build will be FHIR R5
  • We should get Jean Duteau a spreadsheet for the build by August 4 if NutritionIntake is to be included in for September Connectathon
  • For ballot, QA is this weekend (7/20-21), fixing things after that, but past Aug 4, preparing for the Aug 11 freeze

Resource discussion

  • What was observed to be eaten should be matched to what was ordered
    • There is a use case to do that, but you wouldn't do that in the intake resource
    • The may not to be done in all cases because a NutritionOrder will only happen in an acute care setting. NutritionOrder needs to be modified to outpatient, but if a patient is recording intake in an app, there may not be a corresponding NutritionOrder
    • Need to reference NutritionOrder in NutritionIntake (the basedOn element)
  • Need to make sure allergies are referenced
    • Reference AllergyIntolerance resource. Does this have enough detail for food allergies and does allergies have to have additional references?
  • Discussed the similarities between the nutrition resources and medication resources
  • Lorraine will send Becky medicationStatement spreadsheet over the weekend
  • Becky will modify medicationStatement to work for NutritionIntake to present on next week's call
  • The resource does not have to be perfect at this time as it can be tested and commented on during the Connectathon in September
    • The testing through the Connectathon can also be used to create the resource proposal documentation 
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