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Becky GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Margaret DittloffAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Sue Kent
Dave CarlsonVA
James Allain
Clare HicksCBORD
Yanyan HuThe Joint Commission
Della RieleyDM&A
Leslye Rauth

Dave Carlson presented the Care Planning Connectathon track to the group

The Care Planning track

  • The Care Planning track bring together care planning, evidence based guidelines, care teams
  • Coordinates across a use case
  • The care planning team has 2 separate breakouts each day to provide an overview of the use case and demonstrate the work done
  • It is a good environment for sharing information
  • Dave started the proposal this morning; all proposals are due by the end of July
  • Dave would like to include the nutrition resources and is looking for us to provide feedback
  • The focus is on care coordination and this will be the emphasis in September (this is a placeholder for now)
  • The proposal included expected participants and Dave has included those he thought would be attending
  • Has emphasized chronic kidney disease through using the NIH use case (they have a long standing interest in the role of nutrition as it relates to CKD)
    • The Use case (NIH) focuses on specific personas
    • Betsy is our patient and has been a fruitful use case to raise the concerns and determine how we can better address them through coordination of care and the FHIR standards
    • There is an RD in Betsy's use case
  • Some of the things that will occur during the Connectathon is creating a new care plan; is there a specific aspect nutrition would like to test (i.e. NutritionIntake)?
  • What is an objective for nutrition, both clinical and technical?
  • We are best in a connectathon if we have a concrete set of FHIR resources
  • There is a github site (that is free) that contains a lot of the resources that have been used in the past:
  • Dave would love to have examples prior to the September connectathon as to how we can capture a patient's food diary in FHIR
  • All the examples are in an open FHIR sandbox. There is a number of patients in there, including Betsy. This sandbox is out there for all of us to test on Betsy's data:
  • There is also a patient viewer to see all the resources:
  • If we created a food diary for Betsy, are you recommending we map it into observation? Per Dave, he is looking to us for our recommendations, as the food/nutrition experts as to which resource(s) will work for capturing intake
  • How can we best do a food diary with R4 (Observation resource?)? This may raise questions with gaps and what we do better for R5.

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