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Meeting Schedule

The Health Plan project meets every Monday between 2:30-3:30 pm ET. If you are interested in participating in project activities, please contact us.

Ballot Reconciliation calls for the CARIN Blue Button (i.e. Consumer Directed Payer Data Exchange) IG will take place during the Monday call.


The focus of the CARIN Blue Button® Project is to develop a consumer payer data set (similar to CMS Medicare Blue Button® 2.0) and corresponding implementation guide for the set of resources that payers can display to consumers via a FHIR® API.

  • Leverage the Argonaut Project as a best practice approach
  • Common Payer Consumer Data Set (CPCDS)
    • Includes key health data that should be accessible and available for exchange.
    • Data must conform with specified vocabulary standards and code sets.
    • CPCDS data elements can be stored and queried as profiled FHIR® resources.
  • Data Query Profiles
    • Based on CPCDS, define the minimum mandatory elements, extensions and terminology requirements that must be present in the FHIR® resource.
  • Data Query Implementation Guide
    • Collection of security specifications, profile definitions and supporting documentation.
    • The guide satisfies use cases for member access to health plan data, ensuring the CPCDS elements are included and modeled in a standard format.
  • Flat File Format (Physical) Specification Representing (Logical) CPCDS Data Elements
  • Mapping From (Logical) CPCDS Data Elements To FHIR® Resource Profiles
  • CARIN Blue Button® Framework

The CARIN Blue Button® Implementation Guide (this is still in process and should not be viewed as final) and the PSS for CARIN Blue Button®

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