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Chair:  Stefan Lotti

Scribe: Vincent McCauley 





Lorraine Constable

XMatt Lord
XKen Lord
XStefano Lotti
XVincent McCauley

Minutes Approved as Presented 


Agenda Topics

Agenda Outline

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Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Approve  Ballot reconcilialtionApprove resolution of final negative comment for X-paradigm model transformation 

Negative comment from Berndt Blobel was discussed with Berndt at the SOA call 3 weeks ago. Agreed resolution has now been up updated to the ballot comment spreadsheet which was presented by ML.

Motion: Accept comment resolution as presented on X-paradigm model transformation ballot

Proposed: LC Seconded: VM Vote: 3/0/0

Motion: Approve upload of completed comment resolution spreadsheet for X-paradigm Model Transformation service "for comment" ballot

Proposed: LC Seconded: VM Vote: 3/0/0

Withdrawal of negative comments will be requested by email after ballot reconciliation upload (although not required for "for Comment" ballots)

KL and SL to liase to prepare publication request once document finalised


  •  Upload ballot reconciliation spreadsheet (VM)

  • Prepare Publication request (SL/KL)