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Date: 2019-06-27

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Note Taker: Anne Wizauer  




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MethodologyCIMI - Laboratory Model/Profiles Project

Stan reports that the content started out as Intermountain content but is now CIMI content. Stan describes the process that the material went through. Intermountain created the models using clinical modeling language that is open but proprietary. CIMI has essentially a core model from which they derive subtypes or FHIR profiles. This model started with LabObservation from US Core. The software that generated the models was Nathan, but CIMI decided how the model would look and how it would be represented as a FHIR profile. It was done under the processes of the WG in their regular calls. That's where they reviewed the models, made policies on how they should look, how they would do the slicing, etc. The part that's being brought in is the core information models; what they're going to publish is FHIR profiles. Tony states that explained that way, it doesn't sound like external content. Group agrees.

Nathan walks through the material at Explains how they'll validate the 2,000 profiles. 

MOTION to accept content as reviewed



HTA call on Realm Transferrable Specifications

Ron reports on the conversation with HTA. May need an implementation guide for the document to explain to people how to use the precepts. They did submit some comments in writing that Ron will review. 

What are next steps? Ron would like to present to TSC before moving on to the methodology groups.

Management Next agendaNext week: No meeting. Reconvene on the 11th.

 Adjourned at 5:54 pm Eastern

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