Facilitator:  Christol Green Durwin Day

Scribe: Robin Isgett  


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Management Minutes HL7 Montreal posted HL7 Montreal minutes posted. Under review. Christol has notes to add to the minutes. AWG 2019 May (Montreal) Agenda/Minutes

RussPSS 1536 Dental - Attachments Ortho/Perio combined

Russ did not attend.  Jean gave an update from the last Dental call on Wednesday. Proposed a third guide to combine the Ortho and Perio. See PSS 1536 on Confluence.

Dental Attachment Implementation Guide (Orthodontic, Periodontal)

Durwin LOINC Code Updates sent to RegenstriefTony’s and Mary Lynn’s lists of LOINC codes, not on the HIPAA tab, were submitted to Regenstrief during the bi-annual meeting in Indianapolis. Mary Lynn is reviewing implementation guides to see if any other codes need to be added based on use cases. Christol stated that the Hospital Itemized bill will be reviewed.

Ballots Ballots -Da Vinci work

Ballots – Da Vinci work

Early ballot sign up by June 20th. Comment period is from June 21st to July 22nd. Provider directory did not make it to the early ballot. It will be in the September ballot. Drug formulary – members, NPRM. Payer Data Exchange – Da Vinci members Tuesday call. Looked at August/September ballot cycle.
Da Vinci Presentation 20190619 Alerts-Notification.pptx

Mary Lynn824 Acknowledgements

From the HL7 attachments Implementation guide, the highest priority is to add 824 error messages regarding conformance statements. An example is for Legal Authenticator. Providers claims are being denied for not having legal authenticator. This field is required per section 7 of the attachment guide, but C_CDA does not require it. Will suggest that Structured Documents help review the C-CDA guides for possible error messages to add for 824 transaction.

Open Floor
Several questions and comments regarding 824 acknowledgements. Sherry commended Mary Lynn on the work she has done. Rachel asked how to report back an error. Using the BDS segment in the 275 or Xpath statement. May also add to the BDS statement in the 824. There is a need for a companion guide for the 824 transaction. Durwin stated that the errors would need to be added to the ACP document and/or a WEDI white paper. Christol asked about MIME media type. Section 7 says can only have one media type per BDS, but can have multiple BDS segments.

 Adjourned at 3:09 PM EST

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2019 Montreal minutes

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PSS 1536 dental

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Action items


    • Review guides/documents to make sure no LOINC codes are overlooked.
    • Ask Structured Docs to review C-CDA for 824 errors to add.
    • Da Vinci early ballot comments.