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Meeting url:


Scheduled Time

3:30PM EDT (UTC-4), 90 minutes duration


Planned Agenda Topics

  1. Roll call and Agenda check (Ted)

    1. Call commenced at 3:35 PM EDT when quorum was reached.
  2. Announcements (all)
    Harm tech review was sent, final proposals due July 13
  3. Action Items Check  (Ted)
  4. UTG Update 
    1. Still waiting on CDA value sets
    2. Redering is starting to work, ready for alpha testing is July
    3. Decision made to use Git for parallel track coordination
    4. All known issues have been fixed in the UTG master
    5. We will be using Naming System
  5. Atlanta WGM Agenda Planning (Carol Macumber)No need for 
    Need to reach out to Susan ad Stan for Monday Q4 for CIMI topics or if we can reclaim the quarter
  6. Issue With IP Used Without Permission (Ted. Karen Van)
    A missive has been received from AHA about some of their content being used without permission in FHIR:
    1. HL7 cannot utilize the UB-04 content for commercial purposes without permission and proper licensing

    2. HL7 cannot share, display, distribute the AHA’s UB-04 content (other than a few codes as examples) without the permission of the AHA.

    3. When naming/displaying the various UB codes to be used as part of Value Sets, measures or databases, HL7 should note that the codes are the property of the AHA. For example, this chart taken from the HL7 website which does not show that these codes are the property of the AHA.

    Code      Display  Definition
    0370      Anaesthesia        Anaesthesia.
    0420      Physical Therapy              Physical Therapy.
    0421      Physical Therapy -           Physical Therapy - visit charge.
    0440      Speech-Language Pathology        Speech-Language Pathology.
    0441      Speech-Language Pathology - Visit            Speech-Language Pathology- visit charge
    0450      Emergency Room            Emergency Room
    0451      Emergency Room - EM/EMTALA Emergency Room - EM/EMTALA
    0452      Emergency Room - beyond EMTALA         Emergency Room - beyond EMTALA
    0010      Vision Clinic        Vision Clinic

    1. Do users or creators  of the value sets have to log into a system? If so, we would like our notice placed at log-in.

    I suggest that Vocabulary WG send this to HTA, US Realm, and FMG to deal with.   What message do we wish to give to these HL7 groups about this?

  7. July Cycle Harmonization Proposal (Ted)
    1. This proposal is to implement the removal of defunct, retired, and unused code systems from the V3 vocabulary set (coremif), as decided in the Montreal WGM.  It needs Vocabulary WG approval.

    2. Motion to approve this proposal by Rob Hausam, second y Carol.   Vote: 5/0/0, unanimous.

  8. PSS documents requirement Vocabulary input (Ted, Rob M)
    Anne W. sent out an email asking for Vocabulary WG input on two new PSS documents that have been filed with HL7: 
    JIRA tracker:

    Motion, to approve by Rob Hausam, Rob McClure seconds.  Vote: 5/0/0, motion carries.

    I’ve been trying to determine if Vocab has approved the V2Plus PSS as a cosponsor. The PSS is located here:
    This PSS is also in the PSS pilot; when you have approved, you can note it in the JIRA tracker:

    HQ is asking for out WG to review these.
    Motion, to approve by Rob Hausam, Rob McClure seconds.  Vote: 5/0/0, motion carries.

  9. Glossary Project (Heather)
    No one here to speak to this project, item tabled.

  10. Two types FHIR vocabulary - internal and external FHIR Vocabulary content (Ted, Rob Mcclure)
    Ted reviewed this with Lloyd yesterday, and we have decided:
    1. As of 2019, ONLY the code systems in the FHIR Terminologies->CodeSystems→FHIR External will be moved into UTG
    2. For FHIR R5, suggest that Vocabulary WG strongly request that the items listed In FHIR Terminologies->CodeSystems→FHIR Internal be cleaned up, with an eye to:
      1. Remove the dross
      2. Move those that make sense to move to to UTG
      3. Evaluate the FHIR Terminologies→ValueSets and do the same
    3. We probably want to evaluate this in the other product families
  1. FHIR items (Rob Hausam)
    1. Validating US NDC codes Gforge 9555 and Zulip Thread
    2. Rob H will enter other tracker items for validation of codes and identification of invalid versus inactive.

      We are out of time, defer these to next call, along with the item on mediaType.
      FHIR tracker call next Thursday same time.

  2. Concept Map Task Force Report (Rob Hausam and Carmela)
    Gforge 22632 The content was reviewed Motion made to accept change and to create a harmonization proposal to support this. Passed Reuben/Rob H 7/0/0. Reuben and Rob to create harm proposal.
    Nothing was submitted in time, so if the desire is still there it and come in as a late proposal but SOON.

  3. Gender Harmony Project Update (Rob McClure) 
    May try to have this as a topic at the ONC Interoperability Showcase meeting in August.
    It is moving along and is out for eVote at FTSD and requires a vocabulary cochair to vote.   Canada has interest, and we are getting help from CDC, plus interest from others including DoD, others.

  4. Vocab Facilitator Review (Heather Grain)
    Tabled, out of time, and Heather not on call.

  5. Liaison Reports
    1. ISO (Ted)
      Next TC215 meeting in Daegu, Korea November 4-8.  Ted was just at the annual TC249 Plenary in Bangkok; next one not yet finalized. Rob Hausam will also attend to cover for Ed and Wayne.

    2. LOINC (Ted/Rob H)
      Next meeting combined Clinical ad La LOINC i Barcelona October 22-24.

    3. SNOMED (Rob H)

      1. Upcoming Fall meeting proposals. Free Global Patient Set (GPS) subset apparently modified to include FSN per HTA minutes:

      2. Email from Jane to WK and Julie 20190516; "Your point was helpful and there has been decision to add the FSN to the format of the list – along with identifier and preferred term. By adding the FSN, the meaning of the concept is clear, with a clinically meaningful description as well."
      3. Rob H - release yearly. Only active concepts.

  6. New Business -

  7. Next call items
    Grahame has requested that SNOMED has major issues with HL7 and SNOMED with a face to face meeting.    Link to Zulip:

Call ran over time, adjourned at 5:07PM EDT UTC-4.  Note that the next call schedule indicates July 4, which is a major national holiday in the US.  This call will be cancelled; next main Vocabulary WG call scheduled for July 18.

Action items

  • Ted Kleinsend the AHA complaint to Rob McClurecc to Karen explaining that there have been ongoing discussions about this for at least 2 years
  • Ted Klein upload the final approved proposal