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Becky Gradl

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Margaret DittloffAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Sue Kent
Della DunbarDM&A
Clare HicksCBORD
James Allain
Dave CarlsonVeterans Health Administration (VHA)
Yanyan HuThe Joint Commission
Bob Thompson

Connectathon discussion

  • From an email chain discussion outside of the group, it was suggested that testing a nutrition intake resource at the September connectathon as part of the care planning track might be a good idea to incorporate. This was brought to the group for discussion.
  • Della will check to see if someone from her organization will attend the connectathon
  • Dave Carlson joined the call and provided some information about the care planning track, including noting that folks can participate (even if they cannot attend) by being available remotely to help test the use case (based on CKD)
  • Dave also indicated the VA is working on a project for a food diary, thus why he is joining the call
  • For the first 15 minutes of next week's call, Dave will present on the care planning connectathon track
  • We encourage anyone who is interested in testing out nutrition resources (NutritionOrder or NutritionIntake) at the September connectathon to please let us know for planning purposes

Discussion on if a NutritionIntake resource should be one resource or two resources similar to MedicationStatement and MedicationAdministration

  • Dave provided some background on MedicationStatement and MedicationAdministration to assist the group.
    • He noted that "I'm on a keto diet" or "I'm on a low carb diet" as stated by a patient would be considered a nutrition statement
  • The group agreed that we should be able to accomplish nutrition intake with only one resource
    • We will need to look at all the elements and make many of them optional so the resource is flexible
    • Dave suggested looking at reusable content that stands alone, such as a "catalog" of ingredients or products that include the definition of nutritional content that can be used in menus
  • We should also look at the pattern of the workflow resources
    • The nutrition intake resource should be aligned with an event pattern (a condition at a point in time; e.g. dispense is an event)
    • Consider what happens when you are recording a meal, not in terms of the food, but what events happen
    • For the food parts, there may be a lot of nesting required  for the various components

Data element discussion

  • The MedicationDispense spreadsheet was used as an example of the data that will be required to get a nutrition intake resource in the build 
    • Data elements that nutrition might used also were highlighted in the spreadsheet (it was renamed as NutritionIntake, but still contains MedicationDispense data)
    • NutritionIntake should reference NutritionOrder, possibly using the partof data element
    • Margaret, Della, and James will review their use cases and pull out data elements that could possibly go into the NutritionIntake resource

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