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  1. Roll call and Agenda check (Ted unavailable at ISO)
    1. Call commenced at 3:37 PM EDT when quorum was reached.

  2. Announcements (all)
    Harmonization initial proposals due in a week

  3. Action Items Check  (Rob M)

  4. UTG Update 
    1. Ted Not here
  5. FHIR tracker #14104 DocumentFormatCodes (Shelia)
    This was discussed this morning on SDWG call. Plan is to submit harm proposal for new code system, new codes. Working on determining if existing codes from IHE will be moved to this new HL7 code system. The decision for this may occur after the initial proposal is submitted. 

  6. Atlanta WGM Agenda Planning (Carol Macumber)
    No need for review.

  7. Representative on InfraSD and TSC (Rob McClure)
    Rob Mcclure has submitted to be officially elected in the next election cycle.

  8. July Cycle Harmonization Proposal (Ted not here)
    1. no discussion

  9. Glossary Project (Heather)
    Heather not on call. Carmela and Carol - Now all VSD and Core Principles concepts are in the SKMT. Still need to decide how to highlight SKMT as a glossary for HL7 vocabulary. See May 2019 - HL7 WGM - Monday Q2 Minutes

  10. Vocabulary WG 3-year plan update (chairs; from Montreal)
    May not need this anymore. The 3-year plan is no longer in the quality assessment. While not final, TSC is likely going to remove this need.

  11. Two types - internal and external FHIR Vocabulary content (Ted is missing, Rob Mcclure)
    The (Internal) versus (External) FHIR terminologies on the base terminologies page in the FHIR site is confusing. All these code systems are "internal" to HL7 and the difference was based on some sort of "model bound" quality or there was some issue with the way publishing works that led to the distinction evidenced by the two tabs. Some of these should be moved to Discussion requires Ted and Graham. 

  12. FHIR items (Rob Hausam)
    1. Validating US NDC codes Gforge 9555 and Zulip Thread
    2. Voted to re-open Gforge 9555. Rob H/Carmela 6/1/0. 
    3. Voted to resolve new resolution of 9555. Rob H./Carmela 5/1/0
    4. Rob H will enter other tracker items for validation of codes and identification of invalid versus inactive.
  13. Concept Map Task Force Report (Rob Hausam and Carmela)
    Gforge 22632 The content was reviewed Motion made to accept change and to create a harmonization proposal to support this.
    Passed Reuben/Rob H 7/0/0. Reuben and Rob to create harm proposal.

  14. Gender Harmony Project Update (Rob McClure) 
    May try to have this as a topic at the ONC Interoperability Showcase meeting in August.

  15. Vocab Facilitator Review (Heather Grain)
    Tabled, out of time, and Heather not on call.

  16. Liaison Reports
    1. ISO occurring now, Ted there
    2. Lab LOINC today (Rob H). Upcoming changes to next LOINC distribution. Working on the LOINC parts hierarchy. FHIR API functionality. Some work is occurring (J. Campbell - Neb) on alignment of LOINC and SCT and OWL. Not a done deal.
    3. SNOMED (Rob H) - Upcoming Fall meeting proposals. Free Global Patient Set (GPS) subset apparently modified to include FSN per HTA minutes:
      1. Email from Jane to WK and Julie 20190516; "Your point was helpful and there has been decision to add the FSN to the format of the list – along with identifier and preferred term. By adding the FSN, the meaning of the concept is clear, with a clinically meaningful description as well."
      2. Rob H - release yearly. Only active concepts.
  17. New Business
    No new business.

  18. Next call items
    Continue discussions on tabled and unfinished topics above.

Next call is scheduled for 2 weeks hence on Thursday June 20, at 3:30PM EDT (UTC-4) using Free Conference Call.

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