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Agenda Items and Notes

Outstanding Action Item List

PDeX Formulary Implementation Guide Progress

  • Link to current IG:
  • Need review and approval to go to ballot by June 18th
  • June 10 discussion
    • uses MedicationKnowledge for FormularyDrug (
    • uses drug classification, but still no representative 
    • scope is any user on a mobile app to query a health plan for copay, benefit tier, alternatives
      • specifically to address CMS requirement for Part D plans to provide copay, benefit tier, alternatives
    • question on alignment to CARIN on RTBC
      • CARIN is working with NCPDP
      • Pharmacy WG has asked to be Project lead for the CARIN work
      • concerned that PDeX and CARIN duplicate some points
      • go forward with PDeX and "adjust" CARIN, or realign on next revision of PDeX
    • Motion to approve to go to ballot (Bob D/Jean) 6-0-0

Active Medication List

  • Discussion/Collaboration page - Active Medication List
  • Need to make sure we include context as we talk about requirements
  • US Meds needs to be updated for R4 -
  • Do we need multiple Ids - US Realm vs others?  
  • Should start with describing the different contexts
  • John Hatem will start to pull this together


Medication Knowledge Resource (#160095)

Gforge Trackers - Link to Gforge Tracker

Triaged Trackers

  • #22651 - MedicationUsage.effective
    • Australian requirement: represent a medicine that a patient is currently taking, along the with the expected date they will stop
    • would need to be a change to R5
    • revise comment on MedicationUsage.effective[x] 
    • Motion to accept with modification (Jean/Margaret) 5-0-0
  • #22633 - search on ProductType for MedicationKnowledge
    • Motion to add ProductType as a search parameter (Scott/Margaret) 5-0-0
  • #22272 - Medication Form Codes
    • already have made this change (#19296)
    • marked as duplicate
  • #22148 -
    • CareTeam doesn't fit (80/20) into the current actor roles
    • but does point out that the person counseling the patient should be able to be recorded
    • will wait until John H is available as this originates from Workflow
  • #22146 - MedicationRequest.performer
  • #22190 - MedicationStatement references fields that no longer exist
    • MedicationUsage comment refers to NotTaken which was removed.
    • MedicationUsage.effective definition refers to NotTaken which was removed.  revised
    • other editing for clarity
    • Motion to edit (Jean/Margaret) 5-0-0
  • #20673 MedAdmin category CodeableConcept
  • #19913 - Valueset for Dosage.method

    • This issue is related to the Zulip chat related to "infusions".  Once we have improved the value set to support "IV Push" and "IV Bolus", it should be possible to query for all medications who have a route of Intravenous, and exclude in the query those medications who have a method of IV Push or IV Bolus.
    • See Pharmacy List Topic where this same issue is discussed.   
  • #19365 - Definition for Medication List 

  • #15509 - Example Scenarios for Pharmacy
  • #15136 - Conditional Dosages
    • Reach out to CDS to see if they have done any work in this space
    • Melva Peters Create examples from Oncology, NCPDP and GF19694

Waiting for Input

  • #20184 - binding for site in Dosage
  • #17222  this tracker is about the assessment of whether Medication Request resource could support anesthesia gas orders.  We did receive a document from Anesthesia and will follow up with them about their use cases.  

    • John Hatem will follow up with anesthesia regarding pharmacy feedback and to assess next steps

Catalogue Project


Updates from Workflow

Pharmacy Templates

  • waiting for Kai to produce updated version 
  • Have confirmed with Lynn that we can publish a consolidated version - will be published as Release 1 - includes order, statement, dispense and administration

Pharmacist Care Plan Ballot Reconciliation


Healthcare Product

US Meds

New Projects

  • Dennis Tribble's Project
  • Pharmacy Benefit Check
    • CARIN Consumer-facing Real-time Pharmacy Benefit Check PSS
    • NCPDP working on a transaction that is a real time pharmacy benefit check - physician through EHR can get more information from payer
      • have formulary and benefit information today - but it is static and may not have enough information
      • new transaction allows pinging of a payer - patient facing benefit check - price information (price to the patient/out of pocket cost) and alternative drugs
      • patient gets prescribed a medication - through an app - can check their own benefit information
    • being done under CAIRN Alliance - want to develop an API - do a FHIR transaction also under NCPDP
    • What resources will be profiled? unsure
    • How does this fit with the daVinci project?
      • Related to CMS rule - requires payers to have at least 1 real time benefit tool 
      • daVinci - deals with provision of formulary information - project will be providing full formulary 
        • but this is not the use case that is defined in the daVinci Formulary project
      • There is overlap between the daVinci, but this is not patient specific in scope at this point
      • The Cairn project is patient-specific
    • Pooja will discuss further with Bob and Jocelyn (daVinci) - to understand scope and overlap
      • Since the daVinci IG is owned by Pharmacy - believe the Project should be sponsored by Pharmacy WG instead of Financial Management
      • should link the two IGs together
    • Needs further clarification before we agree to sponsor - Pooja will come back to Pharmacy WG on next weeks call

Any Other Business

Next meeting

  • June 17, 2019 - 4pm Eastern
    • Agenda Items