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HL7 PLA Call Minutes 


Date: 2019-05-31
Time: 11:30 AM
FacilitatorMary Kay/ AustinNote taker(s)Anne


xCalvin Beebe

Lorraine Constable

Jean Duteau,

Tony Julian

Paul Knapp
xAustin Kreisler
xMary Kay McDaniel

Brian Pech

Wayne Kubick

John Roberts

no quorum definition


Agenda review

  • Remaining tasks: 
    • Need to identify the steps of how we stand up a product family and deliver it to the TSC for future families
    • Quality plan
    • Specialty products; put together a list of responsibilities for the WGs managing them
    • Management group health metrics - draft considerations and hand off to TSC
    • Outline of what we've done for celebrating success
    • Alert the TSC that we are wrapping up our work and encourage them not to direct new work to this committee.


  • Mary Kay working on quality plan
  • Next call: identify steps of standing up a product family
  • Remaining task order: Health metrics, quality plan, specialty products responsibility list, outline of what we've done/celebrate

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