Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2019 

Quarter: Q3/Q4

Set goals, objectives or some context for this meeting.

Discussion items

Review CCRF ballotAnita Walden

There are some comments that are just typos or grammar but this focused on the negative votes by Joint Commission.

  • 51:Tobacco use quit age:  Need more granularity on the date of smoking cessation. Some LOINC codes were provided as a recommendation. Inclusion of age is find, just need that additional information of date. Also ok to have a singular quit date for all tobacco use- i.e. cigarettes, chew... For business rules purpose- if there is not a quit date how is this handled? patient doesn't remember the quit date. Proposed that if the quit date is null, look to the age of quit. How should we handle if the patient doesn't remember the exact date? Often clinicians documenting are just selecting a date. could a logic be used that if the quit date is greater than 30 days (or agreed upon date range) the day is not required. Persuasive with Modification. (Unable to document in spread sheet). Motion:  to accept as documented in spreadsheet under disposition comment Seconded. Vote: Affirmative 4-0-0
  • 52: Looking for label for frequency of tobacco use. i.e. If select the answer of "daily" can this be mapped to two different LOINC codes in the back-end? The LOINC code is specific to smoking tobacco and not tobacco use in general. The team did not evaluate it for LOINC code use. Persuasive. Motion and seconded. Vote: Affirmative 5-0-0.
  • 36: Need to determine what is the scope of adding in the other systems

CCRF Ballot Reconciliation

The dispositions and voting information was placed in the Ballot Reconciliation Spreadsheet (see attached)

Ballot passed. Good participation and suggestions!

  • How do we move tobacco products data elements into US CORE…no one was sure.
    • Question of how to replace the Tobacco Smoking with the new Tobacco Product information?
    • Place in the Tracker for routing.
    • Rob Housen can explain how to add the Tobacco Product data elements into FHIR
    • Place the data elements in VSAC for EHR and US CORE Use.
  • May need to create new valuesets for the Tobacco products
  • Will work with Joint Commission to place data elements in LOINC


CCRF Ballot Reconciliation/Business Meeting

  • The dispositions were placed in the Ballot Reconciliation Spreadsheet (see attached)
  • Discussed collaborating with cancer group to assist with registry approach as a pilot.
  • Will continue ballot reconciliation Q5

Meet in Sydney Wed Q3 need room

Action items