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Attention! Da Vinci will be revisiting the PCDE use case in 2023 and directing our resources to other use cases at this time. We appreciate all who contributed to PCDE thus far. If you have questions, are looking to implement, or need any support that you cannot find here, please reach out to us on this Zulip Channel, we will continue to monitor for questions.


Support the portability of coverage by exchanging information between payers to define decision making and supporting documentation with regard to treatment for chronic illnesses without the need to burden the provider and/or patient or risk a discontinuity of care.

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Supports continuity of treatment when patients enroll with a new payer by enabling a transfer of “current active treatments” between the prior payer and the new payer

Reduces the need for providers and/or patients to resubmit supporting documentation to the new payer in order to continue patient treatment

Reduces interruption in care plan and medication adherence

Reduces waste and rework by all parties

Sponsoring Workgroup: Financial Management 

Payer Coverage Decision Exchange Implementation Guide:

STU Ballot Reconciliation:

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Test Scripts: Touchstone_DaVinciPCDE_Scripts

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Project Milestones


September Ballot Deadlines (2019)

Publish IG STU1

December 2020
Ballot Project Milestone Goals coming soon.H2 2021

PCDE Team:

RoleName OrganizationEmail 
Implementation Guide LeadLloyd
Implementation Guide Co-AuthorJean Duteau

Reference Implementation Co-Lead@Joe 
Reference Implementation
Business Process SMERobert
Program ManagerJocelyn KeeganPoint of Care
Technical DirectorDr. Viet NguyenStratametrics 
Project ManagerCrystal KallemPoint of Care  

Historical Milestones Met:

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STU1 Milestones
Continuous Improvement


IG Development

Reference Implementation

STU Ballot (Sept2019)

Ballot Reconciliation





Tentative Target: STU Ballot Round 2