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Support the real-time exchange of alerts that impact patient care and value based or risk based services.

Define the technical aspects of the data exchange and create a framework for alerting/notifications related to patient care.

Workflow (click on the image to enlarge it)


  • Increases communication between provider and payer teams about patients in at risk contracts
  • Creates trigger to activity with a particular patient
  • Reduces need for rework of services and/or, improves safety by providing opportunity to share critical payer data to caregiver
  • Improves quality of information shared by using FHIR standard

Sponsoring Workgroup: Infrastructure And Messaging Work Group

Unsolicited Notifications Implementation Guide:

STU1 Ballot Reconciliation:

Reference Implementation:

Da Vinci Notification Sender Simulation: (Client Facade to simulate Sender) at:

Test Scripts: Touchstone_DaVinciNotification_Scripts

Zulip Channel:

Conference Call Sign Up

HL7 Conference Call Center

Da Vinci Conference Call Sign Up Instructions

Conference Call Schedule & Dial-Ins

Wednesdays at 12pm Eastern

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.

United States: +1 (571) 317-3122

Access Code: 663-817-509

Project Milestones



Publish IG STU1

Oct 2020
Begin IG advancement phase 2 (STU2)Oct/Nov 2020
Ballot Project Milestone Goals coming soon.H2 2021

 See below for historical milestones met

Notifications Team:

RoleName OrganizationEmail 
Project LeadUlrike MerrickVernetzt,
Implementation Guide LeadEric HaasHealtheData INC

Reference Implementation Co-LeadHealthLX

Reference Implementation Co-LeadDmytro
Business Process SMELinda MichaelsenOptum

Program ManagerJocelyn KeeganPoint of Care
Technical DirectorDr. Viet NguyenStratametrics 
Project ManagerVanessa CandeloraPoint of Care 

Historical Milestones Met:

May2019 Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan2020 Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep
STU1 Milestones
Continuous Improvement


IG Development

Reference Implementation

STU Ballot (Feb2020)

Ballot Reconciliation





Tentative Target: STU Ballot Round 2


ScenarioAssociated Domain Expertise WG related existing FHIR IGsProjected timeline for WGInterested parties
Encounter/Visit Notification (Admit/Discharge)PAnoneFeb 2020 ballot

Public Health NotificationPHeCR <ADD LINK>

Birth/DeathPHVital Records etc <ADD LINK>


Lab ResultsOO, PH (reportable results)US Realm Lab Result <ADD LINK>

Ordered Device/Biometric/Patient (i.e. Fit Bit)OO

Problem with Treatment – such as drug recall, device recall/issuePharmacy

Treatment Start/EndPharmacy

Pharmacy (Pickup, Restock, Dispense)Pharmacy

Notification of New ConditionPC?

Changes in Care TeamPA?, PC?

Scheduled Appointment/Pre-AdmitPA

Change in Social Determinants of HealthPA?, PC?, PH

Work Comp Initial/Visits/ServicesFM?, PH, PC?

Coverage Start/EndFM

Notification of Prior Authorization (Pended to Approved/Denied)FM

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