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Chair:  @Christopher Shawn

Scribe: @Suzanne Gonzales-Webb 

Weekly calls Tuesdays 3PM ET

FreeConferenceCall Online Meeting Link

Dial-in Number (United States): (515) 604-9567 Access Code: 880898#

Agenda Topics 

 Minutes Approval

Review 2019-04-23 Security WG Agenda/Minutes

Motion to Approve 4/23 Minutes : Suzanne Moved/ Kathleen Second

Objections: none; Abstentions: none; Approve: 6  

Montreal WGM

 Opportunity for WG member highlights and takeaways from the meeting

Draft Provenance document - MikeD

  • discussion over several meetings (3 sessions) to different Working group
  • Mike feels it was well received; encouraged by the discussions (offline)


Provenance - Kathleen

  • Good discussions regarding Provenance
  • The decision to resurrect Provenance CDA, expires STU place in normative track, check with HQ; if technical changes we will need to file a new PSS, before balloting as normative
  • If may be worthwhile to also review the DPROV CDA and loosen restrictions of headers in CDA for basic Provenance so that we do to need to create a new PSS

Bulk Data Transfer - Kathleen

  • Discussions included to bifurcate the Bulk Data Transfer---so work stays on side of responders
  • Filtering would be in a separate document possibly a FHIR IG or other
  • We will go forward on explaining filtering (as part of upcoming work)

New Work Items

Need PSS approval for FHIR DS4P and CDA-DS4P update

FHIR DS4P IG PSS (Kathleen)

  • Draft Initiated
    • FHIR DS4P IG PSS  (Kathleen)
    • Would like to approve in this meeting and update as needed prior to approval date (but we will have approval to TSC if possible by 5/24)
    • Review of Draft PSS, with current facilitators shown
  • Motion: Approve PSS as shown with update with CUI, deliverables date (from Jan to May)

LINK to FHIR DS4P IG PSS - Security: FHIR Data Segmentation for Privacy (DS4P) Implementation Guide PSS

Motion: Kathleen Connor /Peter VanLiesdonk

Abstention: none; Objections: none; Approved: 6 with mentioned updates

Review PSAF PSS update

Need to vote on HL7 PSAF Project Scope Statement 914 new deliverable time lines mark up of draft timeline ballot level updates

  • Note ballot level changed from normative to informative
  • Rationale: we balloted Provenance spec previously; comments reconciled, the amount of work that was became extensive.  A new draft has been created based on these comments–because of the extent of these changes - recommendation is to reballot as informative (rather than normative because of the extensive changes); 
  • Changes include changing the document to a DAM in September; assuming that changes are acceptable by the voting 
    • then ballot as Normative (as based on HL7 rules)
    • reballot as Normative in January 2020 meeting

Motion to Approve updated PSS (PSAF): Mike Davis / Kathleen

Vote: Abstentions: none; objections: none; approve: 6

Kathleen Connor Send updated PSS to Dave Hamill

 PSAF Provenance

 Update from Mike Davis

  • continues to evolve in a helpful way
  • discussion last week on the notion of "verify"
    • we were asked if verify is a provenance thing we can deal with
    • we've incorporated all the lifecycle events into the provenance spec (they have all been redone as of last week) to reflect maturity of those (27) models as well
    • we have a better understanding of provenance since we have started the DAM
    • the lifecycle events and where they it in this damn is a question for me (Mike) originally the lifecycle events were part of the appendix; and later moved into the main body of the document
      • they currently reside I a setion for class models
    • the descriptions of the lifecycle events as provenance are really not chaining events but descriptions of how provenance fits in the lifecycle events
      • may be making use cases as lifecycles themselves
  • David Staggs: what about IHE use of Provenance in the Mobile Cross-Enterprise Document Data Element Extraction (MDH)
    • Can use MDH to find the information you want

Link: ;

PSAF Audit Reconcilation


no dispositions have been created at this time (comments are from Kathleen)

  • Comment #1 - Considered - No action required
  • Comment #2 - Persuasive - remove FHIR Statement
  • Comment #3 - Considered - No action required
  • Comment #4 - Persuasive
  • Comment #5 - Considered -  no action taken
  • Comment #6 - Considered -  no action required

PDF File V3_PSAF_AUDIT_CL_R1_N1_2019MAY.pdf

Abstentions: none; objections: none;  approve: 6

V3_PSAF_R1_N2_2019MAY approved reconciliation.xls

Kathleen Connor upload to Ballot Desktop

FHIR SecurityCall cancelled 5/21/2019
Basic Provenance
  • This week's call was cancelled to give Brett and Russ time to start drafting the white paper.
  • Calls will resume on bi-weekly basis June 3rd.

Next Meeting Monday June 3, 2019 (bi-weekly)

3:00-4:00 Eastern Time

Participation Information

Phone Number: +1 515-604-9567
Participant Passcode: 880898 

Web Meeting Info

Online Meeting Link: Phone: +1 515-604-9567, Participant Code: 880898


AdjournmentMeeting adjourned Arizona time: 1255Temporary Meeting link:


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