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- remove short name
- Definition: a selection of DICOM SOP instances and/or frames within a single Study and Series.
- identifier
- confirm cardinality (probably 0..*)
- this should not be a UID or tied to SOP Instance UID since this is specifically not a KOS. Need to figure out what a more appropriate identifier would be.
- Do we need a separate identifier, or just an id?
- clear short name
- definition:
- patient
- change to subject, and align with ImagingStudy.
- authoringTime - confirm current styling (issued? effective?)
- author - consider changing to performer (as per DiagnosticReport and Observation); add PractitionerRole.
- title - change valueset name from KOStitle. Figure out what the actual value set should be (don't use a DICOM CID).
- study - Remove, and promote all subitems to top level.
-- uid - Rename to studyUid and change type to id (or is it Identifier?)
-- imagingStudy - rename to studyReference (?) or basedOn (?) derivedFrom?
-- endpoint - all ok
-- series - Remove and promote all subitems to top level.
--- uid - rename to seriesUid. confirm type as id?
--- endpoint - remove
--- instance - ok.
---- sopClass - change to 0..1
---- uid - confirm type as id?
---- frameNumber - ok.

Review summary elements.
Review against event pattern
Reveiw against w5

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