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Quarters - Q1/Q2

Minutes Approved as Presented 2019-06-18 Security WG Agenda/Minutes 

This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."


Set goals, objectives or some context for this meeting.

Discussion items


Chaired by John Moehrke

Consent for researchDave Pyke

Consent for research in FHIR



Add Research Study to list of Actors?

DP: Can’t make it an actor because it just doesn’t fit.

Add it as a ROLE?

JM: says better as a PURPOSE.

That particular study is a PURPOSE:JM: Perhaps we should request M&M assistance.

GG: A research Study doesn’t seem to be a good purpose. Could Research IT be a SECURITY ROLE TYPE? Plaing the role of RESEARCH STUDY?

ATTRIBUTE: this particular study

SCOPE ELEMENT?: Research (JP: we have 4 scopes. Research, Treatment, ___, Advance Directives)

JM: talked about CARE PLAN…which breaks out into CARE TEAM. Perhaps RESEARCH could have a RESEARCH TEAM. Only one actor linked to Research. RESEARCH PRINICIPAL INVESTIGATOR (a practitioner) ….doesn’t seem to be a way to list the other participants. (e.g., sponsoring organization, or other persons involved)

OPTIONS: Options: Discuss with M&M about adding codes like actors; create an element called ResearchStudy, create a special case of CareTeam, or create a security role type for Research Study. 

(1) talk to M&M for suggestions about adding

(2) Create another element called RESEARCH STUDY specifically pointing toward research

(3) Talk to Patient Care / E.H.R: or both re: creating a RESEARCH TEAM (e.g., SPECIAL CASE PATIENT CARE TEAM like to Research Study.)


David Pyke 


ISSUE: Do we break out sourceAttachment and sourceReference into their own elements


Move sourceReference and sourceAttachment to the root and source8x) and make .sourceReference 0..*

Motion: Kathleen/Grahame Grieve second 

VOTE:  29-0-1, Motion Approved

Security FHIR ConsiderationsJohn

Security FHIR Considerations


20631 Security+evaluation+of+special+Update+handling+of+security+tags (John Moehrke) 
20758 Provenance+mention+of+use+in+relevantHistory (John Moehrke) 

18294 How+should+provenance+be+migrated%3F (Lloyd McKenzie) 

Line Items

GF#22104: Provenance.activity needs ISO 21089 vocabulary

GF#22103: Need Clarity on use to support findable

GF#21646: Need Provenance.activity query parameter posted by john.moehrke

GF#18294 motion proposed John M, seconded Trish, approved 28:2:0 

Minutes for all FHIR considerations were captured on gForge.


Chaired by Trish

Security WG Housekeeping

Review Governance, WG Health, Project Management, and post-WGM topics

Review of Infrastructure Steering Division WG Health Report:

  • Mission and Chartered amended. Motion to approve John, seconded by Alex, approved 4:0:0. Trish to post to confluence.
  • SWOT amended. Motion to approve John, seconded by Alex, approved 4:0:0
  • 3-Year Plan. 2018 version reaffirmed -  Motion to approve John, seconded by Alex, approved 4:0:0
    • Trish to update format and post to confluence.

Approve PSAF Provenance Sept NIB - deferred to next teleconference

Update on publication S&P DAM from Alex. Some editing is required and only a PDF copy is available, hence the delay. Alex will edit and resubmit. 

Update M&C and SWOT

Align 3 Year Plan with Project Insight Security Projects.

  • Minutes - Trish to advise CO-chairs when housekeeping tasks completed, and others can update minutes.
  • Room requests - Completed (Trish 08/05/2019)
  • Interim and WGM-next meetings: Patient Care for Security Labeling and inclusion of security/privacy in PC DAMs per discussions with Emma Jones
  • Interim Conference Call set up

All items for housekeeping completed in Q2.

Action items