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1a. Project Name

Dental Attachment Implementation Guide (Orthodontic, Periodontal)

1b. Project ID


1c. Is Your Project an Investigative Project (aka PSS-Lite)?


1d. Is your Project Artifact now proceeding to Normative directly or after being either Informative or STU?


2a. Primary/Sponsor WG

Arden Syntax

2d. Project Facilitator

Russell Ott

2f. Modeling Facilitator

Brett Marquard

2g. Publishing Facilitator

Russell Ott

2h. Vocabulary Facilitator

Jean Narcisi

2i. Domain Expert Representative

Jean Narcisi

2j. Business Requirements Analyst

Chris Brancato

2k. Conformance Facilitator

Brett Marquard

2m. Implementers

1) US Department of Defense
2) State Medicaid Programs - Arkansas, Illinois, Massachusetts, Washington

3a. Project Scope

Combine, harmonize design for, and re-ballot the CDA Document Templates published in the Periodontal and Orthodontic Attachment Implementation Guides as a single implementation guide. This guide is to convey information about substantiating claims for periodontal and orthodontic related services. The items defined for electronic supporting documentation were developed by the Standards Committee on Dental Informatics of the American Dental Association standard 1079. This guide will include template definitions needed to support both the Periodontal and Orthodontic Attachments (with coded content).

3b. Project Need

The American Dental Association and dental providers have a business need for computable electronic orthodontic and periodontal attachments. These attachment allow payers to improve automation of processing attachments provided to substantiate claims. Implementers will benefit from having definitions for the two attachments be architecturally aligned, and published in a single shared implementation guide.

3c. Security Risk


3d. External Drivers

Potential issuance of Attachment regulation by CMS

3e. Objectives/Deliverables and Target Dates

Submit for STU Ballot(First Ballot Cycle) - 2020 Jan Ballot
Complete STU Reconciliation (2020 Jan WGM)
Request STU Publication (2020 Mar)
STU Period – 24 months (2020 Mar - 2022 Mar)
Submit for Normative Ballot (2022 Jan Ballot)
Complete Normative Reconciliation (2022 May WGM)
Submit Publication Request (2022 June)
Receive ANSI Approval (2022 July)
Project End Date (2022 July)

3f. Common Names / Keywords / Aliases:

Periodontal Attachment, Orthodontic Attachment, Dental Attachment

3g. Lineage

Periodontal Attachment IG, Orthodontic Attachment IG

3h. Project Dependencies

This project requires meeting the CDA IG quality criteria established by the CDA Management Group and the Trifolia modeling / publishing tool. The implementation will be based on C-CDA R2.1, the Periodontal Attachment Implementation Guide, and the Orthodontic Attachment Implementation Guide (to be published early summer 2019)

3i. HL7-Managed Project Document Repository URL:

3j. Backwards Compatibility


3l. Using Current V3 Data Types?


3m. External Vocabularies


3n. List of Vocabularies


4a. Products

V3 Documents – Clinical (e.g. CDA)

5a. Project Intent

Revise current standard

5a. Revising Current Standard Info

Replace in entirety both the Periodontal Attachment IG published July 20, 2017 (, and the Orthodontic Attachment IG anticipated to be published July 2019.

5b. Project Ballot Type

STU to Normative

5d. Joint Copyright


6b. Content Already Developed


6c. Content externally developed?


6e. Is this a hosted (externally funded) project?


6f. Stakeholders


6g. Vendors


6h. Providers

Healthcare Institutions (hospitals, long term care, home care, mental health)

6i. Realm

U.S. Realm Specific

7a. Management Group(s) to Review PSS



  1. Russell Ott Per the PMO/HQ review, we removed Lynn Laakso as Publishing Facilitator as she cannot be identified as that role. Please identify an appropriate Publishing Facilitator that will be responsible for submitting the material to Lynn.

    Also, need the approval dates entered.

    1. Dave Hamill Will do - if we don't need any special prerequisites, I'll name myself as Publishing Facilitator, as I'll prepare the material and submit it to Lynn - does that work?

  2. Dave Hamill

    Dave, where are the sign off dates on this new form?


  3. Russell Ott in stakeholders - shouldn't dentists be included vs just hospitals? 

  4. Mary Kay McDaniel

    Edit the form and page down to the bottom of the form.

  5. Russell Ott Dave Hamill

    thanks Dave, who needs to update those dates? 

    I believe the PSS was approved by the attachments WG - the sponsoring WG. Then it needs to go to US Realm, then somewhere THEN Steering Division. 

    Is the work flow 'working' or do we still need to manually move the PSS through the approval process?

    THANK YOU!!!