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Date: 2019-05-09

Facilitator:  Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Anne Wizauer  




xConstable Consulting Inc.
xMayo Clinic

Parker Digital Health Computing 
xDuteau Design
xCANA Software and Service Ltd

Deontik Pty Ltd
xJ2 Interactive
xBlue Wave Informatics






ICode Solutions

PKnapp Consulting

xBrian Pech
xGrahame Grieve

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Agenda Topics

Agenda Outline
Agenda Item
Meeting Minutes from Discussion
MethodologyThings that came up this week

Health Service Reference Architecture (HSRA) plans to do an STU ballot in January. 

Grahame: There's a problem with US Realm and designating things as universal vs. US. Need to differentiate between things that are definitely US and those things that could be universal but currently are only US because of lack of international participation. Lorraine notes that the TSC has been looking at addressing this, as well as the realm transferable standards project that ARB is doing.

Grahame: Some people have a problem that FHIR is not an ISO spec. Some people are pushing to have FHIR be an ISO spec. Hard to imagine how that would work. DICOM is a large specification that is an ISO spec; they took their methodology document to ISO and published that as a spec. There is a goal to make FHIR methodology an ISO standard next year.

Other business/planning

Reviewed open JIRA items and cleaned up.

Reviewed BAM Cliffs Notes item. Not sure if SGB still wants us to do this. Grahame suggests the product perspective is missing from this document. Should add a summary of management group responsibilities.

Grahame here to discuss the Errata and Technical Correction issue and how it relates to web publishing. Reviewed FHIR spec. Bands at the top and bottom are product. Everything in the middle is standard and is under TSC control. Need a definition for web specifications of what can be updated by the product manager without going through approvals.

  • Anne Wizauer to add errata definitions as approved by SGB to next TSC agenda
  • Anne Wizauer Add to SGB a task to develop precept - "product families doing web based publishing should define what part of their materials are specification and what parts are product under control of the product manager."

Reviewed open projects. Anne will update PLA milestone dates.

Are we doing anything else with the BAM? We could do an update based on what we've learned from implementing the first four pieces. What is the value to the organization?

Are there any new tasks ARB should undertake? What could we do to help the organization proactively? Add to future agenda.

ManagementWhen do we meet next WGM?

Cannot meet Monday Q2.

Decision to do Monday Q4. Topic: RTSS

New call time
  •  Anthony Julianto send Anne some times to use for Doodle poll to determine new day/time for weekly ARB meeting

Next agenda

Next meeting will tentatively be 5/21

Group to review BAM Cliffs Notes: Project Responsibilities

 Adjourned at 2:52 pm

Open JIRA:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Action items