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Facilitator:  Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Anthony Julian

Attendees (Q1 + Q2)




xMayo Clinic
xUnited Healthcare
xKaiser Permanente
xVernetzt, LLC

Attendees (Q3)

xAnthony JulianMayo Clinic
xNick RadovUnited Healthcare
xSandra StuartKaiser Permanente
xFrank OemigNIST
xRobert SnelickHL7 Germany

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Riki to transfer these notes into the spreadsheet

V2+ PSSWe need to find a quarter to talk methodology for V2+ - ask Hans, Frank, Rob and Craig, if they can join us Tues Q1 –

Added INM as co-sponsor – participate fully

Looking at the deliverable dates – those need to be updated - create jira issue for publishing

Management Next agenda

Thursday 3 PM EDT calls ok – will keep on books and cancel, if no topics

Next WGMMeet same quarters
 Adjourned at 10:30am
 Q2 FHIR Messsaging FHIR-I did not show up, could not find rep.

Next WGMMeet same quarters
 Q3 Joint with Conformance See:2019-05 Meeting Notes  Tuesday Q3 - Joint Discussion with Infrastructure and Messaging 

Next WGMMeet same quarters

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