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Attending WGM

Sun Q2

Sun Q3

Tues Q1

Tues Q2

Tues Q3

Tues Q4

Wed Q1

Wed Q2

Wed Q3

Wed Q4

Yukinori Konishi HL7Japan X X X
Andreas Klingler Siemens Healthineers X
Anne Smith NCQA X X X X X
Ben Hamlin NCQA X X
Ben McAlister Cerner X
Brian Alper EBSCO Health X X X X X X
Bryn Rhodes ESAC X X X X X
Craig Parker Parexel International X
Daryl Chertcoff HLN Consulting, LLC X X X X
Dave Carlson VA X X X
David Sundaram-Stukel X X X X X X
Dennis Patterson Cerner X X X
Drew Torres X X
Floyd Eisenberg iParsimony, LLC X X X X X X
Grahame Grieve Health Intersections X
Guilherme Del Fiol University of Utah X X X X X X X
Harold Solbrig Johns Hopkins X
Heike Dewenter HL7 Germany X
Howard Strasberg Wolters Kluwer X X X X X X X
Isaac Vetter Epic X X
Janet Hui HLN Consulting LLC X
Javier Espina Philips X
Jeff Danford Allscripts X X
Jeremy Audino CoverMyMeds X
Jim Kamp Altarum Institute X
Jim Steel CSIRO X X
Josh Mandel SMART X
Josh Serchen American College of Physicians X X X
Juliet Rubini Mathematica X X X X X X
Ken Rubin VHA X
Kensaku Kawamoto Univeristy of Utah X X
LInda Michaelsen Optum X X
Lisa Anderson The Joint Commission X X X
Lura Daussat Public Health Informatics Institute X
Mamata Thakkar Allscripts X
May Terry MITRE X
Melva Peters Jenaker Consulting X
Michael Donnelly Epic X
Michael Lawley CSIRO X
Ricardo Quintano Philips Healthcare X
Richard Ettema, Inc. X X
Richard Zhu Johns Hopkins Medicine X X
Rob Samples X
Robert Jenders UCLA X X X X X X X
sadamu takasaka japan X X X
sadamu takasaka japan X X X
Stan Huff Intermountain Healthcare X X
Thomson Kuhn American College of Physicians X X
Viet Nguyen Stratametrics LLC X
Weiyu Zhang Epic X
Will Maethner Epic X