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Date: 2019-05-06

Facilitator:  Lorraine Constable

Note Taker: Anne Wizauer  




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MethodologyRTSS Discussion

Reviewed design document. Ron has been working to incorporate comments. Question came up over whether we're talking internationalization or globalization? Will add examples of things that we know vary between countries. Need to express clearly what things cannot change - what is the true common core. International Council voted approval of cosponsorship. Ron will ask the affiliates to take it to a meeting in their community. Would like the perspective of the product managers on their requirement for a realm transferable standard. Lorraine notes there's the vendor perspective and the provider perspective. A US forum for that would be HSPC. 

Ron would like this to be pitched to JIC. Lorraine suggests connecting with the International Reps on the TSC; Giorgio has expressed interest. Wayne will be talking with the IC about identifying common processes in terms of producing and registering projects. There will also be templates for the IG publisher that everyone can use, and we should have a realm transferable template. Discussion over process for affiliates bringing their content to HL7 International. There is a process defined but people don't use it often. 

Worked on the aspects that shall not vary, should not vary, may vary, and behavioral variations. Behavioral and process stuff is where we see the most variability. 

Discussion over the call to build a registry of IGs to avoid doing duplicitous work. Need to be able to discover relevant existing realm transferable standards without reinventing the wheel. 

Discussion over dealing with cross SDO issues. May be out of scope.

Policy and regulation - in order to address that, we need to know how it manifests itself in specs. Would be best not to integrate it into your spec. Lorraine notes C-CDA and their companion guide, where the companion guide describes how it interacts with the regulations. 

Should loop in methodology groups for CDA (Structured Docs), HTA/Vocab, V2 (InM, Conformance), FHIR (MnM).

Should invited Ted to a call to determine how what he's doing with UTG might impact. 

Need an approach and a set of principles for de-scoping and deferring. 

Ron will update document with narrative for the concepts discussed. Needs definitions and examples. Should sit down with HTA earlier than other groups. Lorraine will talk to Julie about scheduling. 

Draft artifact scheduled for September timeframe. 

ManagementNext agendaThursday Q3

 Adjourned at 12:15 pm 

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