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Quarter: Q2

Discussion items

  • Chile has applied to be an Affiliate
    • waiting for paperwork
    • Diego will be in Chile and may be able to do the interviews in person
    • Suggested that we have a standard list of questions for Diego to use
  • Email from HL7 Portugal - used of member benefits
    • want to understand what benefits their members have in HL7 International
    • can the "HL7 Membership - Seven Reasons to join HL7 International Today"
      • may be some differences from membership in an Affiliate and International
      • can use the benefit document and update with Affiliate information
  • Welcome package
    • There is information on the website
    • Needs to be updated
    • Add information to Confluence page
      • checklist/templates/examples for governance documents - membership categories and pricing,
      • Mentors - need to make sure that the mentors know what is expected of an affiliate
        • need job description for mentors
        • will make sure we assign a mentor to each new Affiliate
      • HL7 Mentor Role Description vF_Approved Nov 9 2011.doc
  • How to include affiliates of low activity
    • need to try to make contact with Affiliates who are not participating
    • need more than one contact point into the Affiliate
      • perhaps 2-3 emails for Affiliate contacts - Chair plus 2 more
      • discussion of whether one of the contacts could be external to the affiliate - not sure who this could be
    • HL7 Slovenia and HL7 Philippines have been terminated
    • Develop a "Affiliate Benefits" 
      • use cases, interviews
      • benefit information
      • include the International Council in this work

Action items

  • Line Saelewill respond to HL7 Portugal with response about membership brochure
  • Karen Van Hentenryck will send job description of HL7 Mentors
  • All ADDC will start to populate Welcome Package Page 
  • Melva Peters to ask Josh about adding ADDC to front page of HL7 Confluence Space
  • Line Saele will ask Linda Jenkins to update agreements to include 2-3 contact name/emails