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Date: 5/6/2019

Quarter: 6


xHL7 Organization Support Co-Chair/ Process Improvement
xHL7 Organization Support Co-Chair/ EAC

Electronic Services & Tools

Electronic Services & Tools

Electronic Services & Tools


Electronic Services & Tools/Publishing

Project Services

Project Services

@james agnew



HL7 PMO Office

xKenneth Rubinprocess improvement

Discussion items

Minutes Approval

WGM minutes from San Antonio minutes.  David Burgess motioned to approve the minutes from WGM. Sandy seconded.  Ken abstained.  Approved.  March and April minutes will be voted via evote.

5minNominations for TSC
Sandy has been nominated
5minNews on cross cutting WG (if any)
Still being formed.

US Realm Steering Committee
Ken Rubin thinks VA should be represented.  Group felt that Sandy should participate as US Realm Steering Committee representation.
20minReport out from WGs/TFs/Committees
Dave Hamill - Project Services.  Discussion on separation from full fledged project with PSS and incubation/proposal and they appear conflated (Ken Rubin) - 1 year before ballot seems too soon.  initial stage - need to figure out who should be involved (Austin).  Ken supports incubation, approval, and execution periods.  We get about 40 PSS per trimester.Working on PSS form in confluence replacing document.  Lots of requests for modifications to the form.  Now doing PSS approval process pilot out of email and into Jira with tracking. David Burgess (EST) - looking to merge with publishing but having round robin discussion Wednesday Q1.  Monitoring move to confluence/Jira and EA cloud based.  Brian Pech - Publishing - Alot of actual publishing work is in product mgmt groups (V3 in M&M) - publishing work is a guide on what to do (best practices).  Also orphan work like Arden.  Brian Pech - FMG - Aggressive on R5 timelines - its a target. Virginia - Education - ONC and federal govt wants the ability to increase training for the government and as well as work with HIMSS. (Ken) problem with proliferation of IGs and training everyone to do that could lead to that kind of proliferation.   Also suggestions of certifying instructors outside of HL7.  Call for US instructors.  Should the model be that HL7 does the training or provides ability for others to train.  Train the trainer from that perspective.  Ken - PIC - review of recent GOM updates/co-chair updates.  Going to being setting up activity items - trying to manage pendulum swinging towards programmer/developer stakeholder.  Are clinician stakeholders losing out on 80/20 rule.  Not sure how to address it yet.  Starting putting in HL7 newsletter process tips - its a confluence blog.  Trying to improve mentoring including opportunity to be mentors by joining lunches.

TSC/Cochair handbook cleanup
Recruiting for people to help with clean up.  Sandy thinks alot should be organized through PIC.


Action items