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Call was cancelled at 3:50 EDT when quorum was unable to be established.

Planned Agenda

  1. Roll call and Agenda check

  2. Announcements

  3. Action Items CheckNo updates to report

  4. UTG Update
    New resources updated frequently, latest update just an hour ago.

  5. New PSS on V2 Quality (Ted)

  6. Montreal WGM Agenda Planning
    Russ will not be able to attend Montreal.

  7. Glossary Project (Heather)

  8. FHIR items (Rob Hausam)

  9. Concept Map Task Force Report (Rob Hausam)

  10. Gender Harmony Project Update (Rob McClure) 

  11. Vocab Facilitator Review (Heather Grain)

  12. Liaison Reports
    1. FTSD/SGB/TSC (Russ Hamm) - Russ has had to resign his position in FTSD/TSC; a call has been issued for nominations for his replacement.   
    2. LOINC and TC215 (Ted Klein)  - Next TC215 meeting is November 4-8, 2019 in Daegu, Korea.  Next Lab Loinc meeting in Indianapolis June 5-6. 
    3. SNOMED International (Rob Hausam) - 
    4. HTA (Rob McClure/Heather Grain) - 
  13. New Business
  14. Next call items

Call was cancelled at 3:50 PM Eastern as quorum could not be reached; only 1 person besides the chair on the call.  This was the last call this cycle; next call cycle will be setup in the Thursday planning session in Montreal next week.

Action items