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Becky GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Margaret DittloffAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Sue Kent
Ben Atkinson
James Allain
Karen NoceraCBORD
Della DunbarDM&A
Clare HicksCBORD
Leslye Rauth


  • Discussion on GForge Items to be discussed in Montreal:
    • 17164
      • NutritionOrder is to convey the guidelines for a meal and is not really nutrient-centric.
      • NutritionOrder was created specific to inpatient where you have a diet order (versus outpatient where you have a nutrition prescription)
      • Currently, NutritionOrder cannot be for recommending the intake of a specific nutrient, e.g. calcium or vitamin D.
      • To use in an outpatient setting, the resource would need to have more flexibility; it would still need to be constrained for the inpatient setting
      • Possible fix is to add new resources, such as a NutritionStatement
      • With the proposed NutritionIntake, we could cover both actual intake versus recommended intake. This addresses multiple scenarios in a consumer space.
    • 17167
      • Group consensus is that an add/update when a nutrition supplement is added to an existing NutritionOrder with an existing oralDiet as this is what is being seen in the field.
  • Nutrition Intake Use Cases 
    • The use cases will be used to
      • ensure we have covered the appropriate scenarios
      • included the majority of possible scenarios 
      • determine what types of nutrition resources we need to add
      • determine what types of data elements we need to model in the resources
    • Use cases (Assignments for flushing out scenarios for next meeting in parentheses)
      • Nutrition Prescription (RD recommends a nutrition plan); "I want to tell you what your meal plan is." e.g. recommends consistent CHO diet (Ben)

      • High-level nutrition objectives/goals e.g. reduce sodium or CHO intake  (Leslye/Ben)

      • Capture information coming from a patient or client, and possibly get down to a nutrient analysis e.g. MyFitnessPal recorded data (James)

      • Capture information as reported to/by a clinician e.g. patient does a food recall as dietitian records (outpatient) (James)

      • Patient specific menu (inpatient) (Karen)

      • Patient orders a tray (inpatient) - deals with administration, know when is the meal coming (for insulin administration) (Karen)

      • Nursing needs to record the I/O with infant feedings and with enteral feeding (Margaret)

    • In visualizing the flow (from high to low level): NutritionIntake → Food → Ingredients → Nutrients
      • Some of this ties into the Healthcare Product Landscape work
      • Becky to review the Nutrition DAM to start a PPT flow of potential Nutrition related resources
  • Eric Haas questions:
    • Are consumer apps included in the scope?
      • We should try to support consumer apps
    • Is this inpatient or outpatient?
      • It has to be both, especially if consumer apps are included
      • Likely need to track provenance of the data (who reported the data/where did the data come from)