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Management Minutes 4-9-2019Minutes added to the Confluence page.
  1. New work group name

Monday during TSC we discussed the WG name and charter update.

Suggestions were made and follow:

Drop either additional or Supporting, keep payers/providers, suggestions included:

                Additional Information – Payers/Providers

                Supporting Information – Payers/Providers

2.  May Ballot comments close 4/29 

Revised Attachment WG - Update name and M&C Proposal

New Suggestions:

Payer and Provider Data Collaboration

P2 Collaboration

Payer and Provider Data Exchange

Christol will send an E-mail with the suggestions so that all on the AWG listserv can vote for a new name. Once the results are in, the most popular name will be resubmitted to the TSC.

HL7 Montreal

1.Agenda review

2. Connectathon- For those attending please click this: Pre Connectathon Survey

First Timer? Just want to be better prepared? 

Join our Connectathon 21 Info Session on Thursday,

April 25 at 4:00 PM ET! Register here for the 60 minute session. After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the training.

Several quarters on the agenda will include joint meetings with Financial Management. The final agenda will be posted on AWG Confluence page.


Open FloorBob Dieterle

Bob stated that he expanded the scope of the Da Vinci PDex and Financial Management has approved it. As co-sponsor, this workgroup must approve. Laurie made a motion to approve and Tony seconded it. Mike Cabral abstained. There were no objections and 20 approved.

 Next week 

Next Meeting

FHIR Connectathon call  Tuesday 4/30  2:30 ET

04 May 2019 

There will be a survey about the Connectathon. There will be a Postman demonstration on the call next Tuesday.

Workgroup Meeting and Connectathon in Montreal.

 Adjourned at:Meeting adjourned at 3:04 PM EST

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04-09-2019 call minutesAWG Confluence page
2019 Montreal agenda

AWG Confluence page

Financial Management/ASIPP CDA Templates  FM Confluence Page

Action items


    • Durwin will put his PSS/document on Confluence so that the workgroup can provide feedback.

    • Christol will take a survey regarding the new name suggestions and resubmit to the TSC.

    • Provide the dial-in number for the CDex prep calls.