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Call commenced at 3:35 EDT when quorum was reached.

Planned Agenda

  1. Roll call and Agenda check
    No new agenda items.

  2. Announcements
    Infrastructure and Messaging Work Group has approved a PSS to develop quality criteria for V2 and V2 implementation guides.  Do we want to cosponsor or just Interested Party?  Ted and Rob feel that Vocabulary should be a cosponsor of this project, although no one has time to spend on this.   Ted will contact Tony for the next step.
    The Montreal WGM is two weeks away.

  3. Action Items CheckNo updates to report
    No one has made progress on their action items.

  4. UTG Update
    Lloyd has begun the processing of the latest resource upload with the FHIR tools.
    New resources uploaded April 10.
    We have gotten the first test export of Trifolla value sets and are looking to see what needs to be done to get the full set to be part of the demo in Montreal.
    One development cycle is scheduled to finish by the WGM to demonstrate full harmonization functionality.   Many dependencies on the extensions.  Updates have been done on the Confluence pages.  The creation of the UTG resources may be dependent upon in some way the IGPublisher work and the creation of the "UTG Implementation Guide".  Jess will put together the presentation for the ONC meeting in Montreal.  We need to make sure that for the demonstration has all of the volunteers needed to show it 'on deck'; Ted will reach out to Riki on demo participation.  Next UTG project call is April 30.

  5. Wrap Up TermInfo ballot Reconciliation (Rob Hausam)
    Will plan to complete this in Montreal.  We will verify that the folks we need to get this done will be in Montreal.

  6. Montreal WGM Agenda Planning
    We have a request from HTA for a joint work session in Montreal.  Monday Q4 has been suggested.

  7. Glossary Project (Heather)
    No update, Heather not on call.

  8. FHIR items (Rob Hausam)
    Follow up on canonical URIs for a number of external vocabularies (from 4/4 call).  Continue discussion in Montreal.
    FHIR trackers as time permits.   No time now.

  9. Concept Map Task Force Report (Rob Hausam)
    We have been unable to find any time slot that works for more than two of the key participants; a zulip thread has been started to try to find a way to get this off the ground.

  10. Gender Harmony Project Update (Rob McClure) 
    Some planning for the Montreal session have been conducted, including input and some coordination with Infoway so we have some good Canada input, and this will be added to the Confluence pages.

  11. Vocab Facilitator Review (Heather Grain)
    Item tabled, Heather not on call.

  12. Liaison Reports
    1. FTSD/SGB/TSC (Russ Hamm) - there was an SGB call, they are looking for claificaiotn on precepts around stable identifiers for value sets, concept maps, nd code systems.   Russ will summarize and send to the lists for Montreal discussions.   Unsure at this time if he can make it too Montreal.
    2. LOINC and TC215 (Ted Klein)  - TC215 in Gothenburg Sweden finished yesterday.  Next one is November 4-8, 2019 in Daegu, Korea.  Next Lab Loinc meeting in Indianapolis June 5-6. 
    3. SNOMED International (Rob Hausam) - meeting in London last week; Work continues to enable full OWL modeling (concrete domains, etc) and things are moving ahed.  The 'free subset' is coming along (there are various free sets for IPS, IHE, DICOM, etc.) and they will combine them into one set to make available for everyone. 
    4. HTA (Rob McClure/Heather Grain) - Julie James is now chair, and Susan Matney is on the group.
  13. New Business
  14. Next call items
    Get the new PSS on V2 quality distributed nd plan a vote on the next call.
    Followup on continuing items.

Call adjourned at 5:00 PM Eastern.  Next call in two weeks May 2, and will be the last call before the Montreal WGM, same time same credentials.  Ted will need a backup to run the call (Rob M will) if he is unable to get back from the airport in time.

Action items

  • Ted Kleincontact Tony on Vocab cosponsor on the quality criteria PSS.
  • Ted Klein reach out to Dave H and Wayne on the UTG demo time and details