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HL7 PIC Meeting Agenda (Montreal)

Date: May 8, 2019
Time: Q3 Wednesday, Montreal WGM


Sandy Stuart  (TBD)

Note taker(s)

Ken Rubin








Sandy Stuart

Kaiser Permanente


Karen Van Hentenryck


Freida Hall


Laurie Burckhardt

WPS Health Solutions


Ken Rubin

Veterans Health Administration

Mark Duteau

 X Weiyu Zhang Epic

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Quorum Requirements Met:

Agenda Topics

  1. Approve Minutes of last meeting
    1. Motion Laurie, Second Karen; one abstention.  Passes with quorum.
  2. Focused worksession :  How to better balance needs of different HL7 Stakeholder types in artifact development and approval  (30 min estimate)
    1. Concerns have been raised that with the processes in FHIR, stakeholder input has skewed to favor developer constituencies.  We will look at recent ballot participation and current processes to explore if adjustments are possible to strike a better balance among HL7 stakeholders.  This will be a brainstorming session.
      1. Perhaps include this balance among stakeholders and differing needs with co-chairs as part of co-chair training.
      2. Note "preponderance of interest" as part of that, as considered for regular business and votes, as applied to broader stakeholder groups.
      3. Have heard differing opinions expressed about the potential for different-level voting to assure input from different needs.
      4. Possible to split votes into a functional acceptance and technical acceptance, even within a workgroup activities.  Get a sense for balance of attendance and consider each core stakeholder group separately
      5. FDA decision around UDI
      6. Post a small article about role of Robert's Rules as a safety net.  Put into standards blog.  5 minute process improvement suggestion for the General Session.  
      7. Some decisions affect functional stakeholders.  Others don't.  Might be independent of functional aspects.  Need to consider how to "draw the line" between those.  
      8. Potential on agendas to identify whether a particular topic is functional, or is technical, or is both.  
      9. Try to keep process "minimally invasive" but useful.  
      10. Agreement in principle to pilot a soft approach for doing this within a select set of workgroups and try this.  Ken to take an action to identify 2-3 workgroups willing to pilot.
  3. Focused Discussion:  Co-Chair terms and elections.  There is a GOM proposal to hold universal co-chair elections at the same time as HL7 Leadership elections, on an annual basis.  Conflicting input has been brought forward about how this could/should apply to co-chair positions and terms.  This will be a discussion on the topic to try to reach a consensus to provide input to the GOM and/or Workgroups on the subject.  (20 minute estimate)
    1. Questions about when an elected co-chair would take over.  When a co-chair takes office can/might vary, and does not need to start until the next calendar year.  
    2. GOC will provide "heads-up" updates to let community know about areas of broad impact.  (GOC)
  4. Review input on the online Co-Chair Handbook. 
    1. Melva and Sandy are running a workgroup on this.  Volunteers are signing up to review and contribute.  Open invitation to additional contributors/reviewers.
    2. Targeting September for drafted update content 
    3. Sandy will link Co-Chair handbook from PIC page for convenience.  
  5. Review DMP (if needed).
    1. No open items to disposition.
  6. Mentors Role and List –  Review procedures in place for Montreal and make adjustments based on efficacy/feedback.  
    1. There was a technical problem with the registration checkbox.
  7. New Business
    1. Conference Call Protocol (relative to HL7 Calendar)
      1. Some workgroups have meetings that are not discoverable through the centralized HL7 site.  Dial-in details are not broadly available.  Results in a transparency issue.
      2. Can address this to some extent in Confluence.  Consider this as a separate point for our Process Article for a future session. (Sandy)
    2. Co-chair survey and/or member survey about process efficiency
      1. Will add to a future PIC meeting and reach out to Dave, Wayne, Austin.  Socialize and put onto agenda. (Ken)
    3. Mission/Charter Review
      1. Reviewed and considered.  Motion to approve: Laurie, 2nd Karen.  Passed with one abstention with quorum.
    4. CAIRN Group request, seeking ballot absent a PSS. 
      1. Surprised at the process.  CAIRN coming in as FHIR Accelerator.  There are certain HL7 activities/processes that will need to be followed.  Perhaps needs to improve communication out to the membership about expectations and requirements, both for the new groups and existing membership.  Develop Accelerator "Quickstart" guide?  (HQ)
  8. For future call:
    1. Review SWOT
    2. Discuss Co-Chair positions and how to better fill them
  9. Adjournment.



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  1. Is this Q2 or Q3?  (On-site guide shows room is booked for Wed Q2.)