Date: 5/9/2019

Quarter: Q2



  • Welcome and introductions 
  • PH Administrative wrap-up

    • PH-FHIR education
    • Gender Harmony PSS
    • Confirm Facilitator assignments
    • Schedule for conference calls for next period
    • Updates to meeting attendance log
    • Review project portfolio
    • 3 Year plan review
    • Project scope statement (PSS) status and plans
    • Ballot and harmonization planning 
    • Draft agenda for next WGM 
    • Room request for next WGM
    • New business

Discussion items


Welcome and agenda review

30 min

Gender Harmony PSS

Rob McClure
  • Vocabulary project- how does one represent clinical sex and gender identity. To define contexts of use that are very narrowly specified (aligning with a value set) Definition and values, and determine the characters of that value set and intended use.
  • Description, definition, synonym, allowed values… Will catalog and then create an informative balloted document that provides description. Could be used by projects modeling.
  • Expecting about less than 10 groupings and then the myriad of associated use contexts
  • This is an international project
  • PSS has not been formally voted on yet by vocab, but close. Expecting to go in the January Ballot. This work won’t just include a catalog. It also won’t touch the CDA templates, FHIR resources, PID-8. This would require subsequent work.
  • Expecting to do something with pronouns. NY has a pronoun law. They, is expected. Not sure about handling a female wishing to be referred to as He and visa versa. Formally out of scope but the output may discuss the use of pronouns.
  • PH wont formally approve participation now, but will announce to the work group, discuss on a call and vote appropriately.
15 min

PH-FHIR education

Virginia Lorenzi, Sadhana Alangar
  • Next meeting is in Atlanta
  • Proposing to have a PH on FHIR tutorial (2 quarters) given the expected public health presence
  • Tutorial topics:
    • Possible public health use cases?
    • Existing FHIR IGs/Profiles/uses
    • Could require a FHIR fundamentals tutorial prior to this tutorial
    • Include high level intro
    • FHIR apps, FHIR messaging, REST
    • When to consider FHIR
    • How to leverage FHIR for internal communications vs external communications
    • If you have a use case, what are your next steps to use FHIR?
    • Not how to use FHIR, but how to use FHIR for PH
    • How to apply FHIR to the public health use case; more business context
      • Imm
      • ODH
      • eCR
      • VR
    • Can discuss our other PH products, but must have a heavy FHIR presence
  • Audience:
    • CDC, public health
    • International participation
  • Could go beyond ATL, possible other workgroup meetings, webinars….
  • Deadline for September?
    • Need the title, author, description: due by early next week
    • Content is due 1 week before
    • Copyright form
    • Conflict of interest
    • Use HL7 template
  • Other tutorials already available
    • Process and organization
    • Standards for interoperability
    • Base standards for V2, CDA, FHIR intro
  • Is this a workgroup activity, or do we have a volunteer? We think the workgroup should bless the participation and approve the content.
  • Motion- Joginder moves that we commit to participating. We will need to id someone to physically do the presenting.
  • Second- Laura
  • 6,0,1
 40 min PHWG Admin wrap up

 Confirm Facilitator assignments

  • Susan should be removed as vocab facilitator
  • Need to re-evaluate publishing facilitator; training to be provided for FHIR IG publishing
  • Will revisit in September

Schedule for conference calls for next period

  • No change; upcoming agenda page has been updated for this period

Updates to meeting attendance log

  • Will ask Josh to publish and folks will be asked to check in for each call. Will encourage folks to check in. Will ask the affiliation is mandatory. Will only count those people who have checked in. Those on the call who aren’t on the web if they haven’t checked in, then the scribe can check them in.

Draft agenda for next WGM 

  • Atlanta meeting agenda created and updated

    • MQ1- Plenary
    • MQ2- Plenary
    • MQ3- PH joining EHR, PH kick off
    • MQ4- FHIR-i joining PH
    • TQ2- PH joining OO
    • TQ4- PH with Pharmacy
    • WQ2- PH joining Conformance
    • WQ3- CIC-CCRF
    • THQ3- Admin wrap up

Project scope statement (PSS) status and plans

  • Use the on-line PSS form
  • Erin will submit the NIBs for the HAI LTC CDA and FHIR
  • What are we expecting:
    • Possibly VR DAM PSS for continuous improvement; subject to resourcing
    • Birth Defects DAM
    • Possibly FHIR CDS
  • Expectations that projects coming through are fully staffed
  • For the DAMs, what is the purpose of these artifacts over time?
    • It’s a good exercise to go through to refine requirements but does it serve its purpose in a point in time or need to be maintained?

Ballot and harmonization planning 

  • Call agendas updated for place holders for expected ballot recon

3 Year plan review & Review project portfolio

  • Will review at the Sept WGM

Room request for next WGM

  • Because the meeting is in ATL, we will request rooms to accommodate more people. Will schedule rooms the week of the 13th.

5 minNew businessJoginder 
  • Project Roadmap should be updated for anything done at this workgroup meeting
  • Project expectations
  • Monitoring Steering Division e-votes- Joginder takes this round to Sept.

Action items