Date: 5/9/2019

Quarter: Q1


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Organizing session 

  • Welcome and introductions 

Discussion items


5 min.

Welcome and agenda review

30 min.

Cross-paradigm transformation service update

Matt Lord
  • PH is a co-sponsor of this project
  • Preliminary for-comment IG balloted this past May 2019 cycle; submitting NIB for more substantive balloting in next ballot cycle (targeting Sept. 2019)
  • Changing names to “model-based transformation service”
  • Scope initially included V2 to FHIR, now limited to just C-CDA to FHIR (OO has separate V2 to FHIR project)
  • Opportunity to coordinate between the projects to generate a standardized format for the final product
  • In-progress work artifacts are primarily mapping spreadsheets; expected final product will be a formal specification of a transform service
    • Similar to SOA’s Common Terminology Service (CTS)
  • Versioning will be accounted for
  • Focus is on C-CDA to FHIR; FHIR to C-CDA is not out of scope, however
  • Using USCDI
  • Some PH projects include both C-CDA and FHIR IGs; XSLT transforms are provided with some of those IGs (e.g., eICR)
  • Matt suggested that there may be an opportunity to use an existing PH project as a sample – projects where the same DAM was used for C-CDA vs. FHIR IGs would be good candidates
  • Community participation / feedback welcome
  • FHIR “convert” operation may be a possibility for transformation service

Action items