Date: 5/7/2019

Quarter: Q3


Minutes Approved as Presented 


  • Welcome and introductions 
  • how the FHIR IG process is impacting projects
  • progress on tooling and IG templates
  • outstanding gForge
  • PH module for FHIR

Discussion items


5 min

Welcome and agenda review

Joginder Madra
55 min.

PH Hosting - FHIR Infrastructure

-how the FHIR IG process is impacting projects

-progress on tooling and IG templates

Ewout Kramer
  • R5 – targeting Dec. 2020 for normative publication
    • normative balloting targeted for Sept. 2020 cycle
    • any substantive balloting for resources expected to go normative in R5 should be targeted for May 2020 cycle
    • PH probably won't have any resources ready to go normative in R5 (Immunization is closest)
    • John Loonsk asked whether FHIR Messaging was expected to go normative in R5 – per Ewout, probably not
      • some work has been done with the subscription paradigm to support unsolicited messaging
      • what about messaging through intermediaries?  some states require public health reporting through HIEs....
  • PH resources not getting implemented much yet
  • maturity levels of PH resources not likely to change much in R5
  • HL7 is looking for people to assist with creating and reviewing IGs
    • training (webinars, in-person sessions at upcoming WGMs) will be provided
    • funding will be available
    • more info will be coming – if interested (or if you can recommend / nominate someone), please notify the WG co-chairs in the meantime
  • clarification that Connectathon experience for an IG is required before that IG can become normative
  • PH provided feedback to Ewout to take back to Lloyd McKenzie / FMG about IG tooling
    • changes to publishing tooling (particularly without notice) near the content submission deadline is problematic for IG creators
    • tooling and publication requirements are moving targets – a formalized process is needed for scalability
    • role of publication / modeling facilitators – PHWG's recommendation is that projects should be fully self-staffed
      • once additional IG creators / reviewers are trained (see above), there may be folks to help fill in some of the gaps
    • there should be a way to share IG content with SMEs outside of the IG publishing / balloting process
 15 min.

-attester proposal

-outstanding gForge

Craig Newman

 -PH module for FHIR
tabled for later discussion

Action items