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1a. Project Name

HL7 Clinical Genomics Domain Information Model(s)

1b. Project ID


1c. Is Your Project an Investigative Project (aka PSS-Lite)?


1d. Is your Project Artifact now proceeding to Normative directly or after being either Informative or STU?


2a. Primary/Sponsor WG

Clinical Decision Support

2d. Project Facilitator

Robert Freimuth

3a. Project Scope

Throughout the past decade, the HL7 Clinical Genomics has been developing various artifacts (e.g., informative, DSTU and normative specifications), domain analysis models, storyboards, etc. The approved/trialed/proposed specifications are of different HL7 flavors, i.e., v3, v2, CDA and recently FHIR. These artifacts share some common view of clinical genomic data, but lack semantic alignment at the modeling level. Therefore, it is crucial to have agreed-upon Clinical Genomics Domain Information Model(s) (CG DIMs), which have the following functions:
1. The CG DIMs reflect the results of the Domain Analysis Model efforts
2. The CG DIMs serve as a single source of semantics with which all standard specifications are aligned
3. The CG DIMs are represented in an HL7 standards-independent format, e.g., plain UML
4. The CG DIMs are Universal and do not mandate binding to specific vocabularies (these bindings could be present in realm-specific versions of the actual standard specifications)

3b. Project Need

The need for this project stems from lack of Clinical Genomics Domain Information Model(s), as well as from lack of alignment across the current HL7 Clinical Genomics specifications.

3c. Security Risk


3e. Objectives/Deliverables and Target Dates

Draft Domain Information Model [2019 07]
Comments Only Ballot [2019 09]
Normative Ballot [2021 01]

3f. Common Names / Keywords / Aliases:


3i. HL7-Managed Project Document Repository URL:

3j. Backwards Compatibility


3l. Using Current V3 Data Types?


3m. External Vocabularies


3n. List of Vocabularies

Relevant domain vocabularies will be provided in the model as examples, but as this is not an implementation specification no formal binding is needed.

4a. Products

Domain Analysis Model (DAM)

5a. Project Intent

Create new standard

5b. Project Ballot Type

Comment (aka Comment-Only)

5d. Joint Copyright


6a. External Project Collaboration

The modeling done as part of this project is being coordinated with similar work done by GA4GH.

6b. Content Already Developed


6f. Stakeholders

Clinical and Public Health Laboratories, Standards Development Organizations (SDOs)

6g. Vendors

EHR, PHR, Clinical Decision Support Systems, Lab

6h. Providers

Clinical and Public Health Laboratories

6i. Realm


7b. Sponsoring WG Approval Date

May 03, 2016