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Date: 2019-03-26

Facilitator:  Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Anne Wizauer  





Constable Consulting Inc.

J2 Interactive
xMayo Clinic
xParker Digital Health Computing 
xDuteau Design

Blue Wave Informatics
RegretsDeontik Pty Ltd
xCANA Software and Service Ltd






ICode Solutions

PKnapp Consulting

Create Decision from Template

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MethodologyReview RTSS document

Group reviews. Ron notes that he's done some exploration to see if others have covered this topic with little luck. Wayne notes some examples including the Australian localization of an Argonaut IG. Lorraine notes there is work in UDI that may be applicable. Ron will take notes from this discussion and apply for Montreal.

PSS responsibilities/review stepsTony displays PSS review steps table in terms of who creates, who reviews, and what they review it for, then tied the steps to the BAM. Wayne states that people could review things without approval. Online review will help because currently people don't want to merge multiple changes into a document at the same time. Every step should add value. Missing the step where things come to us in advance, the product concept proposal. The new deadline for PSSs may help somewhat. Could have a short mini form announcing a project, like a notice of intent. 

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What is normative?

 Adjourned at 4:58 pm Eastern

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