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Proposals due by : March 21, 2019

To enter a track proposal, go to the ellipsis next to the Create button at the top of this page, click show more, and select the Track Proposal Template. Once you name your page, click publish in the bottom right corner. For more information on how to use a template to set up a new page click here.

The FHIR standards development process uses a philosophy of constant implementation to make sure that the standard is implementable in the real world. A key element of realizing this mindset is a FHIR Connectathon at each HL7 Working Group Meeting. The event is typically held on the Saturday and Sunday prior to the meeting and allows participants to test or develop software in an informal way. Test FHIR servers are available and some participants bring other servers along depending on the actors they are fulfilling.

The principles associated with connectathons can be found here.

Test servers are available (FHIR Test Servers ), but some participants may bring other servers along depending on the actors they are fulfilling.

Each track has a coordinating Track Lead. Please review Track Lead responsibilities.


Track Lead Resources

Track Orientation

Please plan to host a track orientation 30-60 minute webinar. If you would like me to schedule, record, and post the Go To Meeting for this orientation contact me at with your preferred time. Otherwise - be sure to record and post it to your track page in confluence.


The tracking tool ConMan (stands for Connectathon Manager) is used by some tracks to record testing outcomes. Check with the tracks for details.

It is helpful to register your name even if your track is not using the tool as it has contact details of the participants. (When you load the page, click the 'Register new person' to add your details).

Note that you must still enroll at the event, as described above

Outcomes Reporting

Guidelines for report out:

  • 1 paragraph summary: what was the track trying to achieve
  • 1 list of participants (with logos if you have time and energy)
  • 1 paragraph: notable achievements
  • 1-2 screenshots if relevant and interesting and/or links to further information about implementations/achievements
  • 1 paragraph: discovered issues / questions (if there are any)
  • 1 paragraph: now what?

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