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The SHIFT (“School Health Information Framework leveraging Technology”) proposes a visionary shift in students’ health and wellness – leading to an improved educational experience. SHIFT describes an approach for improving/harmonizing the school’s programs, services, initiatives, information, and technology related to a student’s health, namely, a standards-based framework that promotes advancements in School Health Technology and Services.


Primary and secondary school-aged children may have certain health care concerns that need to be accommodated within the educational system. This project envisions and describes the ingredients for a SHIFT (School Health Innovation Framework leveraging Technology) in school health technology and/or services for school-aged children worldwide and in any type of school (e.g., public, private, career-technical, military, cyber, charter, advanced placement at a college, or other).


Schools are mandated (by legislation) to provide certain health care services to students and to manage certain health-related information. That information ought to be collected and exchanged electronically in a standards-based manner and may serve as a resource for all stakeholders involved with the student's health (including parents, guardians, administrators, nursing staff, food-service personnel, care providers, emergency personnel, and athletic trainers). School administrators and legislators would benefit from having ready access to a repository of school health information guidance and applicable school health information standards. Note: reporting guidelines may differ across various district, state, regional, and international boundaries.

Conceptual Diagram

Diagram to be  added here, need domain modelers and visual architects.

Please contact project lead or mobile health co-chair.

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2019-03-01 SHIFT Meeting NotesMatthew GrahamMar 01, 2019

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