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Dial-in Number

Web session


Kaiser Permanente
Melva Peters (Scribe)

HL7 Canada/Jenaker Consulting

Jean Duteau Duteau Design
Peter SergentHL7 New Zealand

Agenda Items and Notes

Outstanding Action Item List

Pharmacy List Topic

  • John Hatem will update chat with my understanding of this issue and assess if we already have features in the resource to address this requirement
  • Still waiting for John Silva to join a call to discuss the use case

Harmonization Proposals

  • Review of proposals
    • Motion that proposals have been reviewed and find no issues therefore will not participate in harmonization - Melva/John:  4-0-0


Medication Knowledge Resource (GF #16095)

  • Status on
    • Review of changes made
      • Kinetics - need a better name
      • Identifiers - how do we handle an identifier at different levels of the medication
        • Use case - scan a bar code - and want to get MedicationKnowledge for a particular identifier
        • Melva Peters to add an identifier at the top level with a cardinality of 0..*
      • Need to make sure we can handle a package of 2 different drugs - e.g. clotrimazole cream and clotrimazole ovule
      • Jean Duteau to ensure we can handle and what changes may be necessary
    • New Project - to try to gather/confirm requirements - through NCPDP - Jean will review on an upcoming agenda

Gforge Trackers - Link to Gforge Tracker

Triaged Trackers

  • #19698 - re-discuss - new use case added to tracker
    • Melva Peters to discuss with Alexander to confirm this is part of the 80% requirement and is it needed for the NL
  • #20364 - Search Parameter
  • #20359 - MedicationRequest.dispenseRequest.allowNormalization
  • #20345 what is the expected next step here?  we have both a chat and a tracker item.  This issue started off as how to represent "take indefinitely".  There have been several comments indicating how this is done in practice.  A FHIR specific comment indicating there is no specific attribute that represents "take indefinitely".  However we also indicated it is common to see orders with no end date, essentially representing the "take indefinitely" use case.  
  • #20306 - Wrong Valueset for MedicationStatement.category
  • #20209 - relatedPerson to Dispense receiver
  • #20185 - binding for dose form
  • #20184 - binding for site in Dosage
  • #19913 - Valueset for Dosage.method
  • #19439 - insufficient quantity
  • #19365 - Definition for Medication List 
  • #17222  this tracker is about the assessment of whether Medictation Request resource could support anesthesia gas orders.  We did receive a document from Anesthesia and will follow up with them about their use cases.  
    • John Hatemwill follow up with anesthesia regarding pharmacy feedback and to assess next steps
  • #19333 we agree the suggestion from LM makes sense.  Our discussion was focused on whether this should be a standard extension or added to our core MedicationRequest resource. Need to discuss with all of the co-chairs and a larger group of Pharmacy representatives. 
  • #15509 - Example Scenarios for Pharmacy
  • #15136 - Extension for Conditional dosage
    • status on
      • Jean has worked on conditional dosage - has developed an extension on dosage to support use case
      • draft is based on the V3 model
        • meetGoal
        • whenTrigger
        • precondition
      • offset has not been included on precondition
      • goal hasn't been included on whenTrigger
      • Need to discuss if negation is needed - will determine based on use cases
      • Need to look at the oncology use cases

Catalogue Project

Updates from Workflow

  • Workflow meeting last week was focused on Lab

Pharmacy Templates

  • Status on
    • Ballot spreadsheet posted and have requested withdrawal
    • Will publish once Kai has confirmed he has updated
  • Melva has sent Kai and email about his status on content for publishing and the next set of content
    • May need to consider postponing ballot for Dispense and Administration


  • slide deck being updated - John will distribute when it has been updated
  • looking at many resources
  • should we have a broad health care definition and product - answer is no at the point
  • looking at boundaries and scope - looking at biological products, blood products, tissues, organs, etc - wanting to be clear these fit
    • relationship between device and medications - e.g. devices
  • February 4, 2019 - what impact will any changes to the current Substance resource have on Pharmacy.  The discussion today focused on potentially changing the existing Substance resource into a Definition and Instance resource.  If this change was made this may also result in adding in lot number information for Substances. 
  • February 18, 2019 - did not meet last week.  No product discussion on this weeks' call.


  • John working at looking at FHIR resources for consistency
    • scope/work still to be determined
  • February 18, 2019 - John attended the meeting
    • Claude has discovered that there are event request patterns in FHIR
      • Will be reviewing again next week
    • PHAST is still looking at Medication and MedicationKnowledge
      • John will forward presentation to the Co-Chairs - PHAST is looking for some answers
      • Should Medication have a reference to MedicationKnowledge?  

Any Other Business

Next meeting

  •  at 4pm Eastern