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Chair: Jerry Goodnough

Attending: Ken Ruben, Ken Lord, Preston Lee, Loraine Constable

Actions Taken:

  • Voted without objection to submit a NIB for the Cross Paradigm Project to ballot for comment in the next cycle,
  • Reviewed the current state of affairs with Context Service and related activities. While similar efforts are underway in the FHIR community it believed that are at best only a partial subset of services required. Preston is going to prepare a PSS for a specification  to define the service. In addition nit is expected that a presentation will be built and presented to other work groups to  help socialize the idea. We envision the possibility of a conectathon track to cover this topic matter.
  • Reviewed the status of the marketplace specification and it is envisioned that an education webinar around it might be produced.

Future Action:

  • Jerry to review our publication commitments and see what needs action in the next week.
  • Vince to Help get the cross paradigm NIB out
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