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Duration: 90 minutes

Screen Share and Audio Connection

Online Meeting Link: 
Online Meeting ID: vocab 
International Dial-in Numbers:

Audio if not using the built-in VOIP with computer mic and speakers:

Phone Number: +1 605-472-5280
Participant Passcode: 495389



Planned Agenda Items

  1. Roll call and Agenda check
  2. Announcements
    1. One co-chair seat (Ted) open for May (nominations not open yet)
  3. Action Items Check
    1. Carol - return to HTA policy on legacy code systems (done)
  4. Additional agenda items
    1. Review HL7 V2 IG Quality Metrics - Value sets sections
      1. Confluence page (link)
      2. Vocab WG input requested for the Value sets section
      3. Need to be consistent with guidance for CDA (below)
      4. Mapping tables vs. unification
      5. How to provide input to this? TBD - need input from Ted
    2. CDA IG Quality Criteria - need Vocab input
      1. Same time as FHIR VSD call
      2. Proposed CDA IG Quality Criteria in Confluence:
        Reviewed page and comment from Rob M.
        Sheila will plan to attend these calls.

        Meeting Agenda:

      3. May comment in Confluence if unable to participate on call
      4. Plan draft for comment ballot - get broader feedback on requirements for tools that generate IGs
    3. VDSP update
      1. Grahame added 'expression' extension (see Vocab co-chairs Skype chat)
  5. Montreal WGM agenda planning (Carol Macumber)

  6. FHIR items (Rob Hausam)
  7. Liaison Reports
    1. FTSD/SGB (Russ Hamm)
    2. LOINC and TC215 (Ted Klein) 
    3. SNOMED International (Rob Hausam)
      1. January 2019 SNOMED CT release available (from NLM and elsewhere)
      2. IPS free set updated for January 2019 SNOMED CT release - agreement will be signed soon (next week?)
        1. HTA is not involved with this now
    4. HTA (Rob McClure/Heather Grain)
      1. No further report
  8. Concept Map Task Force (All) 
    1. Need to schedule the three calls - Rob H. will send Doodle poll
  9. Sexy Project Update (Rob McClure)
    1. Issues around representing gender
      1. Add code 'X'
    2. Progress on PSS? - Rob M. working on it
    3. Heather willing to help - good to have non-US input, Australia has worked on this
    4. Nothing else yet
  10. FHIR Tracker Issues calls - briefly mentioned, out of time for discussing details
    1. Re-start calls for R5 issues
    2. Weekly or fortnightly? (90 min.)
    3. Prepare issues and announce agenda in advance
    4. Able to vote if WG quorum rules are met?
  11. Plan for next call - complete TermInfo ballot rec
  12. New Business 

Meeting adjourned at 5:02 PM Eastern.

Action items

  • Send Doodle poll to schedule 3 Concept Map task force calls Robert Hausam