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Health Record Exchange Framework (HRex) - overarching Implementation Guide to establish general framework for Health Record Exchange. HRex includes any Da Vinci profiles that may be used across multiple Implementation Guides. There is no HRex Reference Implementation.

Sponsoring Workgroup: Clinical Interoperability Council

Health Record Exchange Framework (HRex) Implementation Guide:

STU1 Ballot Reconciliation (Sept 2020):

Project Milestones


September Ballot Deadlines (2020)

Ballot Reconciliation

October 2020 - 2022
HL7 ConnectathonJan 2022
IG UpdatesJan - Feb 2022
PublicationFeb - Mar 2022

Conference Call Sign Up

HL7 Conference Call Center

Da Vinci Conference Call Sign Up Instructions

Conference Call Schedule & Dial-Ins

HRex discussions occur as needed on the Clinical Data Exchange (CDex) calls (See CDex Meetings for Agendas and Notes)

Wednesdays at 2pm Eastern

New Zoom Link as of 5/17/2022 See: Da Vinci Use Cases#WeeklyMeetingSchedule

HRex Team:

RoleName OrganizationEmail 
IG LeadLloyd 
Business Process SMEBob
Program ManagerJocelyn KeeganPoint of Care
Technical DirectorDr. Viet NguyenStratametrics 
Project ManagerCrystal KallemPoint of Care 
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