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This is the final step for an IG to become published as an official HL7 IG. It must have been through at least one ballot.

Things to pay special attention to:

  • The requirements to determine if a ballot passed or not vary according to the ballot level of the specification
    • Comment Only
    • Informative
    • Standard for Trial Use (STU)
    • Normative
  • Once an IG has been balloted and the ballot reconciliation is complete (including withdrawals of negative votes if required by the ballot level), a publication request is made to do the final publication.




Estimated time to completeLinks to Related Material
1Intent to publish is sent to FHIR IG FacilitatorProject FacilitatorContent of IG must be at FMM level 2 (if publishing as STU) or FMM level 5 (Normative) prior to submission of publication request 
FHIR Maturity Model

Final content is developed and build runs with no errors or warnings

  • If there are warnings that cannot be fixed, make sure they are suppressed
  • there should be examples for every profile and extension
IG Committer

3Review and approval of final contentSponsoring Work Group

4Content reviewedFMG/FHIR IG Facilitator

5Publication Request is completed and approved by Sponsoring Work GroupProject Facilitator

How to create a Publication Request Template

6Publication readiness checklist is completed and submittedProject Facilitator

7Publication Request reviewed and approved by FMGProject Facilitator or Sponsoring WG Co-chairFHIR IG QA.html must contain no errors and all warnings needed to be reviewed, corrected as appropriate or suppressed
FMG Contact
8Publication Request approved by TSCFMG ContactMust be approved by FMG
TSC Contact
9Publication is doneLynn LaaksoMust be approved by TSC

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