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Date: 5 February, 2019

Facilitator:  Lorraine Constable 

Note Taker: Anne Wizauer




xConstable Consulting Inc.
xJ2 Interactive

Mayo Clinic

Parker Digital Health Computing 

Duteau Design
xHugh GloverBlue Wave Informatics
xDeontik Pty Ltd
xAndy StechishinCANA Software and Service Ltd.



Unknown User (mario_hyland)Aegis

Cecil LynchAccenture

Patrick LoydICode Solutions
xPaul KnappPKnapp Consulting

Create Decision from Template

Agenda Topics

Agenda Outline
Agenda Item
Meeting Minutes from Discussion
Management Minute Approval

MethodologyRTSS Pss review

Reviewed PSS. Discussion over whether there should be a cosponsor. Hugh suggests there should be some representation by International Council. They would be an appropriate cosponsor, as well as MnM, perhaps. Scope needs to be fleshed out with some material from the "Addressing the Problem" section from the document. May need to discuss with SGB.

RTSS Content Review

Made minor edits and added comments.
Discussion over whether this needs to be an addition to the BAM as proposed. Would probably be a stand-alone document.

Hugh states we need some concrete examples to provide clarity on what we would do with this. Terminology binding is one issue that is mentioned in this context. Hugh mentions that the reach of the FDA goes beyond the US, for example. Lorraine notes there are a bunch of specifications that are marked US Realm but their content model isn't specifically US...they just don't have international participation currently. A middle category could be something like "realm extensible."

Do we think this would be Normative path?

ACTION: Add to 2019-02-19 agenda when Ron is back

JIRA issue AG-48: Identify the value of each committee review step, and where the function would reside if that review step was eliminated.

ManagementARB membership updateNeed to split up one and two year terms amongst members.

 Next agenda

Bulk Data Transfer PSS/material
Member terms

 Adjourned at 3:50 pm Eastern

Supporting Documents

Open JIRA:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Action items