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Focus: Device, DeviceDefinition, Substance, BiologicallyDerivedProduct, and Supply. 

  • Inventory Status: A new resource for supporting reports of inventory - e.g. after counting, or when inquiring about material availability.
    • draft resoure/list of attributes here.

Objective: The goal is to define these constructs better, combine or split as necessary, and clarify when to use which one(s) with a particular focus on medication space, nutrition, and specimen.  This will also address any UDI related topics to ensure the resources that require it have the appropriate UDI information (which to date has focused on implantable devices).


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Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation HealthCareProduct Landscape.pptx Jun 17, 2019 by Hans Buitendijk
Microsoft Word Document Healthcare Product Resource Scope-Boundary Updates - Markup.docx Oct 21, 2019 by Hans Buitendijk
Microsoft Word Document Healthcare Product Resource Scope-Boundary Updates - Clean.docx Oct 21, 2019 by Hans Buitendijk

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  1. Use case related to GForge tracker item 20661: We have an eCQM looking for the administration of total parenteral nutrition (TPN). The current measure uses the QDM datatype of Procedure, Performed, and uses the SNOMED code 225372007 |Total parenteral nutrition (regime/therapy)|. However, this representation does not reflect how TPN is handled in the EHR, Current workflow is for TPN documented on the medication administration record in the EHR.  As we convert our eCQMs to FHIR, we would like to align the measures more closely to how the data is structured in FHIR. So, we think MedicationAdminstration is the correct resource to use as we move forward. What we are not clear on, is how TPN is currently encoded in a standard terminology. We know that TPN is many components mixed together in a bag, but we want the high level code for TPN, maybe something like a SNOMED code in the substance hierarchy.  I spoke to John Hatem from the pharmacy group, and he confirmed MedicationAdminstration would be appropriate, but said there is no constraint on the standard terminology to use, and was going to reach out to Julie James to see if she had any thoughts on which terminology would be best.