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Date: 2019-01-29

Facilitator:  Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Anne Wizauer




xConstable Consulting Inc.

xMayo Clinic
xPknapp Consulting

ICode Solutions
xLynch, CecilAccenture

Milosevic, ZoranDeontik Pty Ltd
xAndy StechishinCANA Software and Service Ltd.


xRon G. ParkerGuest affiliation here - add rows as necessary
xHugh GloverGuest affiliation here - add rows as necessary
xJeff BrownGuest affiliation here - add rows as necessary

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Agenda Topics

Agenda Outline
Agenda Item
Meeting Minutes from Discussion

2019-01-13 SGB/ARB WGM
2018-12-18 ARB Agenda/Minutes Approval
2019 ARB San Antonio WGM Minutes Approval

MOTION to approveWayne/LorraineAll in favor
MethodologyState Machine: Need a new state for STUs that are never going normative

Lorraine added a missing transition but hasn't gotten further. Reviewed TSC minutes from WGM. Concern over stuff coming out of comment period and keeping it STU forever because it's been declared by an official body. We don't want it to become a default shortcut. Wayne: We could say C-CDA is an oddball exception. Lorraine: It's broader than just C-CDA. Wayne is working on defining a non-normative path for these accelerator projects. Discussion over whether this devalues the products. Perhaps these should be informative. Need to find a way for WGs to indicate that this is the track they're on - could be on the publication request.

MOTION to discuss updates to the process to allow WGs to indicate which state they intend (withdrawn or informative) with TSC


All in favor

Does the HL7 FHIR(R) Implementation Guide: CDISC Lab Semantics, Release 1 external content need ARB review?

Discussed details of the project. Decision that it doesn't need to be reviewed by ARB. Note that the scope may be examined further at other levels of review.

MOTION that the content does not need ARB review


All in favor

Substantive Change input from methodology groupsMove to SGB

Communicating changes/updates to standards
to the community, including errata and other
unballoted updates
Move to SGB

FHIM issueThey want to map EHRS-FM to FHIM. There is a project to do that mapping. But other parts are being done under a big umbrella so it won't arrive at TSC. Things must be delineated under PSSs. Wayne will respond to Stan regarding this issue.

VRDR Update from AMS?No response. Tony will reach out.

BAM Cliffs NotesNext step for this is to execute JIRA issue AG-48.

Management Next agenda

JIRA issue AG-48: Identify the value of each committee review step, and where the function would reside if that review step was eliminated.

"Characteristics of Realm Transferable
Standards Specifications" - further review/feedback

 Adjourned at 3:59 pm Eastern

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