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Dear Co-Chairs,

As we wind down in these waning days of 2018, I wanted to issue a brief update on Confluence and JIRA.  First, we’ve posted a new tooling newsletter article which summarizes recent status and high level plans.  Second, we’ve posted a more detailed tooling update which describes new features and transition plans in more detail.  I’ll continue to provide updates on Confluence approximately once per quarter as we work through the ongoing transition.  


It’s especially noteworthy that ~80% of our work groups are now using Confluence, which we expect to replace the current Wiki early nxet year (though we’ll retain the old Wiki indefinitely for ongoing reference).  If your WG hasn’t been set up on Confluence yet, please schedule migration with Josh also we can get all work groups up by Q1 2019.  Josh will also be in San Antonio to answer questions and provide support.

I’d also like your cooperation in encouraging all work group members to register for a Confluence/JIRA account by pressing the big blue “Request an Account” Button at and following the directions.  We encourage all new users to also review the brief webinar tutorials available on that same page and refer to the extensive Documentation & Help  that’s available.  You’ll be asked for feedback after viewing tutorials where you can offer your suggestions for improvement and other useful information.  I’ll be sending out another message to the full membership right after New Year’s Day to encourage them to register before the WGM.


So we need your support to help us continue on this retooling adventure.  We’ll pick up in January with many new developments in Confluence and JIRA to help us improve our standards development experience

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