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Scribe: Melva Peters

Dial-in Number

Web session


Melva Peters (Chair)

HL7 Canada/Jenaker Consulting

Peter Sergent

HL7 New Zealand

Zabrina Gonzaga


Shelly SpiroPharmacy HIT
Duteau Design
HL7 Germany
Tim McNeilSureScripts

Agenda Items and Notes

Outstanding Action Item List

Update from San Antonio WGM

  • Reviewed of highlights from San Antonio

Pharmacy List Topic

  • Take indefinitely - from Peter MacIsaac
    • create a tracker item Melva Peters - so that we can track the comments and decision


Medication Knowledge Resource (GF #16095)

  • Update resource proposal and submit

Review plans for R5

  • Move Medication to maturity level 5 and plan for normative in next ballot cycle
  • Move MedicationAdministration to maturity level 3
  • Move MedicationDispense to maturity level 4
  • Move MedicationRequest to maturity level 5 and plan for normative in next ballot cycle
  • Move MedicationStatement to maturity level 4
    • what is preventing us from moving this to level 5 is lack of info on the number of production implementations
  • Move MedicationKnowledge to maturity level 1
    • this presumes FMG approval of this resource

Gforge Trackers - Link to Gforge Tracker

Triaged Trackers

  • 20185 - binding for dose form
  • 20184 - binding for site in Dosage
  • 19913 - value set for Dosage.method
  • 19365 - Work on definition for Active Medication List
  • 17222 - Support for Medical Gases
  • 15509 - Example scenarios
    • Waiting for direction from Workflow
  • 15136 - Change Dosage to support conditional dosages

Pharmacist Care Plan NIB (Shelly/Zabrina)

  • NIB:
    • Will be discussed in SD on Thursday
    • planned for May 2019 Ballot cycle
    • 2 IG's will be balloted - CDA and FHIR
      • CDA - changes from comment only ballot plus bindings to PharmacyHIT
        • does not use Pharmacy templates - only CarePlan CCDA templates
        • recommend that this project should look at the Pharmacy templates that have been balloted
        • co-balloted with NCPDP
          • comments from NCPDP will be brought forward
          • final reconciliation will be done through HL7
        • this was presented to Patient Care Care Plan Quarter in San Antonio
          • Patient Care is not a co-sponsor of this project
          • Patient Care is an interested party and will be kept up to date on the project
      • FHIR - Melva Petersto send information needed for IG tracking
    • Motion to approve the 2 NIBs - Scott/Jean - Carried 9-0-0

Extension for Conditional dosage

  • Jean has worked on conditional dosage - has developed an extension on dosage to support use case
  • draft is based on the V3 model
    • meetGoal
    • whenTrigger
    • precondition
  • offset has not been included on precondition
  • goal hasn't been included on whenTrigger
  • Need to discuss if negation is needed - will determine based on use cases
  • Need to look at the oncology use cases

Catalogue Project

  • had a Connectathon event in San Antonio - attended by Phast and others

Updates from Workflow

  • no updates

Pharmacy Templates

  • Ballot spreadsheet posted and have requested withdrawal
  • Will publish once Kai has confirmed he has updated
  • Will be balloting dispense and administration in May

Any Other Business

  • HealthCareProduct
    • slide deck being updated - John will distribute when it has been updated
    • looking at many resources
    • should we have a broad health care definition and product - answer is no at the point
    • looking at boundaries and scope - looking at biological products, blood products, tissues, organs, etc - wanting to be clear these fit
      • relationship between device and medications - e.g. devices
  • CIMI - John working at looking at FHIR resources for consistency
    • scope/work still to be determined

Next meeting

  •  at 4pm Eastern